Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Challenge for the New Graduates

after 4 years of struggle..pagsusunog ng kilay, endeavors, pagpupuyat...pagcomply sa projects...the day YOU have been waiting for has finally arrived.

CONGRATULATIONS Batch 2010-2011!!

...soon before the month of April will be marching the will receive your DIPLOMA and bid your university goodbye. some might say "That's IT! I'm outta here!"...but some might also say "THIS is IT!" ..I hope you'll say the latter.

....anyway..enough of the drama!

I've been thinking of a solemn & memorable way to congratulate the batch 2011 graduating students but the world 'outside' which I'm aware of presents a threat. hinders me from BEING sincerely happy for you guys.

I'm sorry. I can't be sincerely happy for you when I foresee that the world our idealistic minds made up during our stay in the univ is gradually getting extinct...I'm not being pessimistic...I am just showing YOU the real picture of the 'jungle' my dear schoolmates. and it's not something we can just shrug off. (I don't have to be in the corporate world to know that. It's all over the TV)

We are taught since the first day we've realized our existence in the planet that a COLLEGE education is the key to SUCCESS. of course I do believe that. But is not the SOLE KEY. It should be accompanied with other 'keys'.

for that I want you to meet my 'barakada' -- it's called The VIRTUES


Patience --you will need HIM when everything seems to go out of your plan.

Perseverance -- he will be there when you think you have been fooled! you'll need him in times of just have to hold onto him..keep him in your vocabulary..heed his advice. He may be annoying & nagging you sometimes but it will surely be for your own good.

Passion -- he's just there when you were thinking of your future plans. all there to give you JUST the MORAL support..but the truth is HE keeps hiding when you're out already. In our world today..he can be a good help but NOT necessary & essential...heed him & you'll find yourself just planning & dreaming..and afterwards..planning & dreaming.... He'll suggest you to do what you like & love but again in this world..of great have to do what you NEED to do. Be realistic. Ignore him 'sometimes'.

Realism -- at first you may think he's a BULLY. but he is the most honest of the 'barkada'. When you want to hear the matter how much it will hurt you he will SAY it to you outright! So prepare yourself everytime you meet him.



according to the news... it will be harder for new grdauates to apply this coming summer even in CALL CENTERs. The famous job recruitment online nerwork stated that before 50,000 applicants were hired each it decreased to 10,000. This is due to BPO companies ' new & stricter policies in job selection! It is advised for some especially to newly graduates to take OJT's and use their waiting time to develop their skills in different aspects.

here's the video clip

Video credit: TheABSCBNNews

it is said here that investors and companies are not actively hiring employees as of now due to the election. They have to weigh the factors first. The new administration might have some new program so they have to adjust to that. So they will be actively hiring new employees around June.

"Gamitin ang panahon ng paghihintay sa pagpapalawig ng kakayanan imbes na tumambay sa bahay"

--nice quote.


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