About the ADMIN

The author is a 23-year old alumnus of UCC Camarin who took up BS Psychology Major in Industrial Psychology for her undergraduate studies. She used to be a working student so updating this blogsite was her only way of communicating with her friends, classmates, batchmates, schoolmates & professors. Most of her materials for this site comes from different UCC FB groups and friends. She worries that her university will remain in obscurity so she pursues to update this site with available resources possible. She used to be a senior contributor of  'The Crossroads', the official University publication.  She aspired to be in the women's volleyball varsity team but failed. During her university years,she liked; sitting in the bleachers, observing people, eavesdropping to people's day to day conversations, 'hanging out' in the library and most of all watching volleyball and badminton varsity teams' practices. There were few professors/personalities who left strong impressions on her and they are namely: Joan Tulod, Rhod Dantay, Meshyl Napay, Ate Flor of registrar, Bernadeth Enriquez, Carl Dellomos, Ricky Bernal and Philip Austria.

Last but not the least...she wants to give back to the university that gave her the opportunity to explore more of the world. Some day ..she will come back to the portals of UCC as a professor.