Thursday, 11 March 2010

Caloocan City Complete list of 2010 candidates

this coming elections lets all be prepared before going to our assigned precint,..let's try to know first the candidates before we pick them...

but first we have to obtain a copy of the complete list. good thing I found irenelou 's account on SCRBD. Thank you very much to her!! XOXO


the truth is... I can't sleep enough thinking of the coming elections. not because there will be a rainshower of crispy 100 and 500 peso bills but because of the thought that I can at least be part of my country's struggle... I will not just be an "audience". I will actually take part!! yehey!!

this will be my first time. I wanna feel & experience it first hand.....
just like the indelible ink applied to our fingers after we have voted...I am hoping to also leave an indelible mark by excercising my right to vote. I hope majority of the youth of UCC is with me in this endeavor. let's not just sit back & see our nation sink into the mud. let's not inculcate in our minds & to our future children's that leaving the country is the only resort. we can still make this nation a better place to live. let's us believe.

speak out. be heard. affect.

"tama..!ang korny.baduy.di uso sa UCC yan" pero ngayon di ka lang magdedesisyon para sa UCC. This is for our generation and to the next generation we will produce.

so my fellow yusisistas & citizens of Caloocan City do our part..but let's also make sure we do it right!! okay??

below you'll see the complete list. you can read & download it from here so feel free.



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