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All the information that will be listed here are from the University's STUDENT HANDBOOK (copied randomly)

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Governance of the University

           The Governance of the University is vested in the Board of Regents, composed of the City Mayor as Chairman, the University President, the City Superintendent of Schools, the President/s of the Faculty Club Alumni Association, Student Council, the Chairman of Committee on education of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, as regular members, the Regional director of TESDA, a representative from the Caloocan City Filipino Chinese Camber of Commerce and Industry, as ex-officio members.
The board appoints its secretary who will also act as the university secretary.
There is also the academic Council that approves courses of study, rules of discipline, requirements for admission, graduation, and conferment of degrees.

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The following are the prescribed and recognized uniforms:

           The school Uniforms
           PE uniform
           NSTP uniform



Colored shoes, black or colored stocking, sandals, slippers and rubber shoes.
Body piercing accessories on any parts of the body except ear lobes.
Excessive Dyed hair


Rubber shoes, slippers and sandals.
Long hair cut, dyed and spiked hair types.
Earring and body piercing

Male and Female 

Inappropriate make-up and attire

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  1. CALOOCAN Residents
21 units and below ------------------P630.00
In excess of 21 units --------------------P30.00/unit
  1. Non-Caloocan Residents
21 units and below ----------------------P2, 500.00
In excess of 21 units---------------------P100.00/unit

Tuition Fees for Graduate Studies
  1. Caloocan Residents ---------------------P100.00/unit
  2. Non-Caloocan Residents---------------P200.00/unit
Other Charges 

  1. Entrance Examination ------------------     P100.00
  2. Transcript of records
First two (2) pages           ------------------------        P 20.00
In excess of two pages  -------------------                P 10.00/page

  1. Honorable Dismissal       ---------------------             P 30.00
  2. Certificate of any document------------   P 15.00
  3. Completion of any grades   ---------------                P 30.00
  4. Clearance fee ------------------------------P 15.00
  5. Diploma--------------------------------------P 100.00
  6. Science laboratory------------------------P 100.00
  7. Medical / Dental fee---------------------P  40.00
  8. Computer typing laboratory fee------P 100.00
  9. Athletic fee---------------------------------P 30.00
  10. Library fee----------------------------------P 30.00
  11. Replacement for loss of the following:
a.       School registration card------------P 50.00
b.      Examination permit-----------------P 20.00
c.       Late Registration --------------------P 100.00
d.      Issuance of CTC copy of
Registration Form -------------------P 15.00

NOTE: Students are required to claim their class cards on the dates of distribution of the class cards. Verification of grades during enrolment will not be entertained in the registrar`s office.

              Students who will enroll beyond the scheduled dates will be considered late enrollees and will be fined 100.00. Students who will enroll a week after classes had started will be advised to enroll in the following semester.

             Students are considered only after payment of tuition and other fees and the registration form is stamped ENROLLED in the registrar`s office. 

Student classifications (as to residence

Scheme 1- are prospective enrollees who are Caloocan City Residents (see entrance requirements a)
Scheme 2- a graduate of any elementary or secondary private or public school in Caloocan City but parents are not voter of Caloocan City.

As to loads

  1. Regular – Students who are enrolled with full load in the course where they are registered.
  2. Irregular – Students enrolled with less or more load required the course where they are registered.
  3.  Special - Students who are government employees who had taken 72 units from any tertiary schools and enrolled in the special BPA course.
              Students who are enrolled in the Certificate in Teaching Program course assessed as post –graduate students and charged with graduate school rate of tuition and other fees.

Refund of tuition fees 

A student is entitled to a tuition fee refund in accordance with the following terms:

Regular semester/ summer 

Before opening of classes                                                      -75%
Within one (1) week from opening of classes                    -50%                       
After (1) week from opening of classes. No refund          

However, the students is still required to pay his tuition fee balance in case he decides to drop/ stop after the first week from opening of semestral classes and after the fourth day for summer classes.

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Academic Load 

  1. First to third year students may be allowed a maximum of 27 units in a semester
  2. A load of 28 units for graduating students in the last semestral term may be allowed.
  3.  Three (3) laboratory subjects (5 units per subject) may be allowed provided the student is graduating during the term and the total load does not exceed 28 units.
  4. A graduating student who enrolled in the last term may be allowed to carry overload including Practice Teaching/Practicum provided the total load does not exceed 28 units.
Summer Loads 

                Approval of subject offerings during summer is based on the budget availability and approved request by the students. No advanced subject is allowed for regular students during summer. Ten (10) students are required to open a major subject class and at least (15) for non-major subjects with maximum of 12 units for graduating students and 9 units for non-graduating students. 

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Shifting of Course 

                Student who wishes to shift to another course should file an application for shifting. Shifting is allowe4d only after the completion of the 1st curriculum year. The application should be referred to the accepting department and, when accepted, the application shall be forwarded to the Guidance office for the administration of the shifter’s examination. Shifting depends upon the approval of the accepting and the availability of slots in the said course. Shifting course is only allowed once. 

Change of Schedules 

                Students who wish to change their schedule should have a valid reason for doing so. (for working students the registrar ask for a letter from employer). No change of classes shall be allowed without the approval of the Department Head concerned. Photocopy of changed schedule must be presented to the faculty concerned for his/her signature, information, and records purpose. 

Substitution of Subjects 

                Substitution of subject is allowed only (a) when a student is a curriculum that has been superseded by a new one & the substitution tends to bring the old curriculum with the new one ;(b) when the required subject is no longer offered in the coming semesters. Request for substitution with notation of the Department is required. 

Dropping of Subjects 

                Dropping of subjects should be filed with the office of the registrar to make it official. Subjects dropped unofficially after the midterm examination will automatically have a final grade of 5.0. Photocopy of the dropping form should be furnished to the faculty concerned.
                If the student intends to drop three (3) or more subjects, a parental consent is needed before the student is allowed to drop his subjects. 

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Incomplete Grades 

  1. Secure Order of Payment
  2. Proceed to the City Hall cashier for payment of completion form.
  3. Submit the OR (official receipt) to the registrar’s office and get a completion form.
  4. Fill up and follow the steps written in the completion form.
  5. Submit the completion form to the registrar’s office for approval.
The Department Head concerned should submit to the Office of the Registrar the completion form of the students to ensure the authenticity of the grade and for the signature of the faculty member.
X and INC. marks are changed to 5.0 if the student did not take a removal of examination or did not complete the requirements needed within one year from the date X and INC. marks were obtained. 

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Transcript of Records (TOR) 

Requirements: clearance, Order of Payment, Honorable Dismissal, Documentary stamps (3 pcs.), 1 ½ X 1 ½ ID picture (1 pc.), Birth Certificate (NSO), Form 137/ Transcript of Records, school ID (if LOST affidavit or replacement is required) 


  1. Secure Order of Payment from the Accounting office.
  2. Proceed to the City Hall Cashier for payment of the Transcript of Record.
  3. Submit the O.R. to the registrar’s office and secure a clearance form.
  4. Fill up the said form and request the heads of the different departments to sign it for clearance from any requirements.
  5. Submit the accomplished clearance form, surrender the school ID, and ask for CLAIM STUB.
  6. Return on the scheduled date for the release of the Transcript of Record, usually two weeks after all requirement and procedures are complied with.

Lost ID
(Request for Second Copy after the futile efforts to locate the same) 


  1. Affidavit of Loss
  2. Official receipt of payment

  1. Secure an order of payment
  2. Proceed to the City Hall for payment for replacement of lost ID.
  3. Submit the official receipt to the Registrar’s Officer and claim replaced ID.
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The 11 Point System

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