enrollment scene in UCC Camarin

Entrance Exam Schedules
 (for incoming FRESHMEN this 2012! )
[Updated: February 25, 2012]

Start of Classes: June 4, 2012

For more inquiries, call the Registrar's office
Main: 324-65-55 
Camarin: 408-90-83

[as stated on page 23 of the students' handbook]

    Entrance Requirements

  1. The prospective enrollees must be a registered voter, or a child of a voter in Caloocan City or a graduate of elementary and secondary public or private school in Caloocan City or a child of a property Owner/business Tax Payer in Caloocan.
  2. Non-prospective enrollees may be entertained only after all prospective enrollees have been admitted and that there are still available slots for them.
  3. Prospective enrollee must have a general average of 81%; 85% and above for non prospective enrollees, if Students with lower average may be entertained, if there are still available slots for them.
  4. Entrance examination is given to select enrollees from among those who had met requirements a, b, and c.
  5. After meeting the requirements in a, b, and c and passing the entrance examination, the enrollee must submit the other requirements for enrollment.
               Tuition fee is increased by twenty percent   (20%) yearly. (Per existing city ordinance)
              The fees and other charges shall be paid to the City Treasurer upon presentation of the order of payment from the accounting office of the University.

Enrollment Procedure

For new students

After passing the entrance examination and the department head`s interview, the student should present to Registrar`s Office the following

(from the latest flier)

1.       Form -138 (High School Card)/Honorable Dismissal and certification of Grades (for transferees)
2.   Certification of good Moral Character issued by the school guidance counselor/room adviser
3.       Authenticated birth Certificate from NSO
4. Latest Voter`s Affidavit/Tax payer Certificate / Elementary & high School Diploma (for Caloocan Residents)
5.       Latest 2x2 ID picture (2pcs)
6.       Elementary Diploma

                X-ray and Medical examination should be done by designated or affiliated clinic of University. 


  1. Present the accomplished Adviser`s Form to the enrolling adviser for approval and signature.
  2. Proceed to the accounting office for assessment and release of the Order of Payment.
  3. Present Order of Payment to the City Hall Cashier and pay the required tuition and other fees.
  4. Proceed to MIS for Registration form and for encoding for subjects to be taken.
  5. Present the accomplished registration form to the enrolling adviser for checking and signature.
  6. Return the signed registration form to the office of the registrar and submit 2x2 picture for official enrollment and stamping of ENROLLED and issuance of new class cards.
  7. Present the registration form to your instructors for their signatures.
      For Old Students    

 After accomplishing adviser`s slip, submit the following: 

  1. Registration form
  2. Final Examination Permit or it`s replacement
  3. Summary of GWA
  4. Class cards(last semester only)
  5. Latest 2x2 ID picture
  6. Medical Certificate with X-ray
[from page 30 of the student's handbook]

Required/Application Fee is 100.00