Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Slipping Away

Roaming around the grounds of UCC...I overhear a lot of students talking about them.

I sit in class I see some classmates excusing themselves to go out on time (when the prof extends the class)

In the bathroom they are changin their clothes..ready to take another role.

the role of an employee.

We see them in SM, Jollibee, McDo and some call centers.. They are the WORKING STUDENTS.

and they are proud of being such!!!

..some regular students envy them but I think they should never be. They(reg studes) don't know what they are going through. sleepless nights.... over fatigue and etc..

Others think they are living a glamorous life. For they can buy the things they need & want..yes they can BUT the price they pay in exchange of it is somewhat unbearable. They have to sacrifice their latin honor ambition, their yearning to be actively inovolved in school be present in gimiks, to experience the real life of a student. You may never know but they are missing a lot.

Being a college student MAY come only once in a life of a person it should be lived fully ..but these WORKING STUDENTS might be missing that. Someday in the far future they might have some regrets..regrets that they have never gone through the proper stages. the stage where they should supposedly learn and have fun at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jill!

Nakakatuwa naman ang observation mo. Tama ka, mahirap ngang maging working student. Malaki talaga ang sakripisyo. :-)

Jill said...

tama... kaya sa mga may PANGARAL naman magFOCUS na lang muna sila sa PAGAARAL.

Jill said...

ah di ko lang sila naobserve..naexperience ko d in!

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