Monday, 26 April 2010


No college student of this generation is 'unaware' of the social networking sites FACEBOOK & TWITTER.

di ka estudyante kapag ganun.

wala na nga sa uso yung FRIENDSTER diba?

Of course this is normal. We (?.hehe), the young generation yearns for a group to belong, a group of people who will accept us, a group we can identify ourselves as a member.

We use it to get updates from our orgs, friends, long lost relatives, families & circle of friends..sometime we also use it to boast of what we a new cellphone, a new boyfriend or girlfriend, a new experience & etc. In short these networking sites do a lot of wonders that we enjoy generously.

But do you know my dear UCCians.. especially to the graduating students that these networking sites we enjoy every minute might also be a cause of an UNEMPLOYMENT??

YES! That's highly possible!

There have been cases recently shared by experts that most employers now resort to researching in these networking sites about their prospective employees. Calling your CHARACTER REFERENCES is one and another is this.

So if you are for instance projecting a very serious image on your job application..but your Friendster, Facebook or Twitter accounts BELIE it then the employer might have a doubt. Thus reducing your chance of getting that dream job!

Think of it my friend. Don't just prepare your suit & tie for the interview, your winsome resume, your impressive credentials...also gear up your social networking account.

What You Can Do About This Possible Problem??

this is according to : TRABAHO Phils.

So, the next time you post an online profile on one of these
sites, remember to:

1. Set your profile viewing settings so that only friends
can view it. Or you might want to reset which information you want others
including friends to view.

2. If ever you wish to make it public, you should be
careful of what you type and what pictures you upload.

3, Avoid inviting friends who you don’t know.

4. Invite only people you know.

5. When you post, think long term.

6. With these in mind, you’ll be able to control your
profile in social networking sites and make sure to build up your character
through them.

7. This is because you won’t be able to control who sees your
profile unless you make necessary steps. This is definitely a good tip when
you’re job hunting.

SO beware!
if you have any trouble resetting your view setting try to google it or maybe if I find the need to..I might save it for another post.

Friday, 23 April 2010

How UCC Came to Be.

Hello my dear fellow UCCians!..How are you?

Anyway..I'd like to share this article copy Mr. JOP TOLENTINO (a former editor of THE CROSSROADS) generously gave me. It's from the Publication.

So..have a glimpse of HOW UCC CAME TO EXISTENCE.


Source: The Crossroads Publication Vol. IX No.3
January-March 2004

Year 1959, Col. Macario B. Asistio Sr. was
elected for the 3rd term as a Mayor of Caloocan, Rizal and started toying the
idea of a College. For all those years, Caloocan residents seeking higher
education had to go to distant schools in neighboring Manila at a prohibitive
cost to parents of students.

That being the situation, the idea of
providing educational opportunities to the Caloocan constituents of the town
executive was brought to fore with the assistance of the Cecilio Apostol
Elementary School Principal Mrs. Modesta G. Boquiren.

Hence, on
July 1, 1971, the CALOOCAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE opened its door to the first 42
students of the college as Education secretary Juan L. Manuel authorized its
first year operation. Articulating its purpose was "to provide quality
educational opportunities to deserving but indigent constituents and to insure
the maximum participation in the enjoyment of the benefits of such growth and
development" Municipal Ordinance No.495 appropriated P23,400.00 to start the

Two classes, one for the Bachelor of Science in Industrial
Education (BSIE) and another for the Bachelor of Science in Business Technology
occupied two rooms of the Caloocan High School PTA Building in the late

The first College Dean was Teresita Ochoco. She was
followed by Macaria Padrinao, Mrs. Pilar Pascual and Bernardo

On June 22, 1972, the second year of operation of the two
classes and one year Secretarial course were authorized on a P35,100.00 budget.

On June 7, 1973, the third year operation of the existing three
courses was granted, appropriating therefor P36.760.00 in Municipal Order 2020
and 2140.

On March 25, 1975, Municipal Ordinance No. 2295 provided
for the College Charter defining also the purpose of the renamed CALOOCAN CITY

1. To fully develop the Filipino
intellect and explore its manpower potential.
2. To help promote a continuing
welfare and interest in improving the standard of living of the people of
Caloocan City with meaningful education geared towards the future demands of an
emerging industrial society.
3. To help enhance the prestige of the
underprivileged students by providing them with low tuition fee, the fundamental
instrument toward the improvement of their economic status.

A fire
that gutted the school building forced the College to go to the nearby
elementary school in the evening before transferring to the Puericulture Centre
Building in Sangandaan. Up to that time, classes were held only in the evening
when the rooms were vacated by the pupils.

The Sangandaan
Puericulture Centre was used before by the A. Bonifacio High School or M.B.
Assistio Sr. high School when it moved to its present Dagat-dagatan site.

Meanwhile, Pacencia Mendoza was designated College Administrator.
She was succeeded by Flora Besa-Cruz and again, from 1989 to 1995 NCR director
Modesta G. Boquiren was asked to serve as the College Administrator and
Educational Consultant.

On June 30, 1995, Dr. Orlando B. Molina was
appointed College Administrator by the new City Mayor Hon. Reynaldo O. Malonzo.
Upon his assumption, Dr. Molina envisioned the institution as the "centre of
excellence", the center that would yield to a new world-class human resource
development, to the economic, social, political, and moral transformation of the

In 1996, the enrolment rose to 4,142 necessitating the
employment of 200 part-time instructor and 12 full-time mentors. Six courses
were added: Bachelor in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Accountancy,
Computer Secretarial ladderized to Office Administration. Later, Business
Administration phased out Business Technology, Math and English; 24 unit course,
Computer Science, Management Accounting, Masters course in Education and Public

In the August 1996 first Licensure Examination for
Teachers (LET) a BEED graduate Irene Villanueva placed 4th Place and in the 3rd
LET in 1998, a 24 Unit Education student Cris Paner came in 10th. Succeeding
passers were in the Accountancy Board Michael Aguirre and Elisalde Frutas in
1998 and in 2003, respectively.

In one, a CCPC computer student
Wilfredo Requillo Jr. was Champion in first ALCU Skills Olympic in Information
Technology Programming Contest.

The continuing help and support of
the Mayor operationalized Buena Park Grounds for Physical Education, the Camarin
and Tanmdang Sora Campuses for Academic and Voc-tech classes thereby helping
solve mismatch between offerings and employment need.

Students have enrolled for the new courses opened in June 2004: Nursing,
HRM-Tourism, Communication Arts, Criminology and BS Psychology. Some 200
students in vocational courses were enrolled in October 2003. More
vocational-technical and livelihood programs in the Voctech are helping solve
economic problems, giving the poor but deserving youth educational
opportunities, as planned.

Converting the College to the UNIVERSITY
OF CALOOCAN CITY has not been that impossible, for after 33 years of waiting, on
January 29, 2004 at the third and final reading of Municipal Ordinance No.
1020-2003, converting Caloocan City Polytechnic College to the UNIVERSITY OF
CALOOCAN CITY came to reality. This was met by students, parents, faculty
members and the academic community with great jubilation as they thronged the
Sangguniang panlungsod session hall shouting Mabuhay for their appreciation and
gratitude to Mayor Reynaldo O. Malonzo, Vice mayor Tito Varela, Atty. Dick
Gonzales, author and other authors of the Ordinance in the Sanggunian. (Ipr,

- Crossroads

So there it it is guys..and gals...The History REvealed.

Thank you so much Mr. Jop Tolentino.

"History is a guide to navigation in perilous times. History is who we are and why we are the way we are."

Friday, 16 April 2010

Random Concerns of Mai & other UCCians


inoffer pala ngayong summer ang INTRO TO GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING...sayang pwede ko sana itake..kaya lang TODAY ang last day of enrollment for summer wala si Mam Badeth sa Camarin para magsign.


Sa MAIN daw nagpaexam for screening ng NEW "THE CROSSROADS" staff. bakit wala sa CAMARIN? I'm just crious although I'm not that interested to take it again.


The 1st year BS Psychology students (incoming 2nd year) will be screened today. BATTERY exams will be conducted. This will be led by Prof. Rhod Dantay with the assistance of 3rd year IP students.


APRIL 8 - deadline for passing of the COMPLETION FORMS. muntik na kong di umabot. buti pinaiwan ko sa REGISTRAR at inasikaso ng napakabait na si MAAM FLOR> salamat ng madami sa kanya. The best ka talaga te FLOR.^^..muwaaah!!


ang sakit ng ulo ko dahil sa init ng araw. grabeh..what the hell's happening to our planet?

sakit ng ulo.


..alhough this is not UCCistas concern..share ko lang..

I've read that in UM or University of Mindanao...the graduating NURSING students...were required to take a MOCK board exam or any of that was a surprise test..out of 182 graduating students..only 7 passed. Those who FAILEd will not be ALLOWED to graduate.

Here's the message I read from KABATAAN PARTY LIST fb.

"UPDATE: Bad news for all the graduating student nurses of the University of Mindanao. Without consultation, the UM admin suddenly implemented a compulsory mock board exam and those who will fail will not be allowed to graduate. Here's the catch, only 7 out of 182 graduating students passed the exam."

what the ****???


..just a while ago..while I was in front of the REGISTRAR's office...I eavesdropped...unwittingly on the conversation of ATE FLOR..and a MOTHER with her daughter who's a UCCian.

there was obviously a problem with the girl's subjects & grades..I'm not sure if she's graduating this coming..april 29.

what's the catch?? -- well guys we are already in our TERTIARY education. We are in we still have to bring our those kinds of situation??..can't we just handle it ourselves?? my gosh grow up!

we make mistakes..we miss/fail exams ...we miss classes...that's forgivable. Coz we have weaknesses..BUT WE should also be RESPONSIBLE & ACOUNTABLE of the CONSEQUENCES that go with it. GROW UP! buti pa ang RUGRATS...may ALL GROWN up..series

nakakahiya yun diba?..taz magmamakaawa pa ang nanay mong nagsumikap para sayo..samantalang kasalanan mo yun. naawa talga ako para sa SHAME on that girl.

kung sakali mang mangyari sakin yung mga problema sa records at grades sa school....ako mismo ang haharap..kasi ako naman talga may kasalanan. para matuto din ako.


this is by from FB:

(taong puno ng 'angst' sa buhay)

"may nakapansin sa kin sa pagtatanggal ko ng mga announcement sa camarin, dun sa 2nd floor. bat ko daw tinatanggal. sabi ko naman, bakit di ko pa tatanggalin e ung date ng announcement na un eh tapos na. what's the sense of posting it for soooo many days after that event. sa mga iba, oo, nakakalito, pero sa mga di nakakapansin pati ung grammar e minsan sablay din. may tatak pa ng osa. kayo?"

---- Armanz...sometimes the purpose of an ad/tarpaulin/info ad/reminder is not to convey the message but to reveal that THERE is something done/being done/(that)will be done. It is an INDIRECT process of advertising about another subject matter.
Politics is everywhere.

If someone posted a trapaulin such as this..

Greeting a"HapPy Holidays" is not the 'real purpose..but making the 'person' known is.

I won't be surprised if one day..pati pagbati ng "HELLO" ay ipapaTARPAULIN din.


okay..I think that's iy for TODAY.. guyss..if you have something you think is worth posting here please let me know.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

5 Easy Steps to Vote this May 2010 Elections

Here's a step by step instruction on how to vote this coming May 2010 automated elections!

Thanks to for the video.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

UCC in Pictures

Congratulations to BATCH 2010!!

Photo Credit: Jerico Dela Corta


BS Com Sci '10
Photo Credit: Marissa Garrote

i think this was in VOCTECH.

PSYCh IP majors in FIL CHI

Phot Credit: Cristina Diaologo

i was supposed to do something like a tribute to the grdauating batch of 2010 but the pictures I have gathered weren't I just end up posting some.

Taken in Camarin

Ano ang tamang CAPTION sa litratong ito

sorry nakalimutan ko na may ari ng pic na to.salamat po sa kanila.randomly ko kasi kinopy.

they are mostly from Facebook.

if you wish your class pictures or just pictures tobe posted here..please let me know..I'd be happy to do so.
Have a GREAT VACATION Xians!! (or UCCians as how Armanz call it)

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sign Language Training in UCC

..for those people out there who are interested to learn SIGN LANGUAGE....grab this rare opportunity.

Sign Language Training in UCC, SIGN LANGUAGE TRAINING, PSYCHOLOGY, mute, University of Caloocan CIty

this summer 18 complete sessions w/ evaluative
,open to all interested.
VENUE: UCC Main and Camarin (choose 1
FEE: P500.00 to cover handouts/manuals, ID,
Targetdate coverage: APRIL 20-MAY 16, 2010
(schedule will be posted later)
Reservation of P300.00 will be accepted April 7-18, 2010
for more info go to UCC PSYCHOLOGY Department.