Wednesday, 24 February 2010

..updates on 2010 Intramurals sad to say that I haven't laid hands on the official list of winners YET...

the PE student assistant said that it's with Mr. Jumoad and it will be available by Friday..

She just mentioned the over all winner

Champion: Business & Accountancy
1st Runner Up: IT/PASOA
2nd Runner Up: Liberal Arts
3rd Runner Up: Education
That's all for now.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

.just updates..Intrams 2010 Part II's the continuation... of my yesterday's post.

I noticed yung part 1 is all about my bitterness....yeea..yea...sorry guys..actually there are good points naman... know..although the CLA encountered numerous problems sa Intrams I am still proud of it in someway!!

during the games...kahit walang formal arrangements na ganito "Liberal Arts mag-cheer tayo"...instinct na talaga na suportahan ang yung team. Madami pa din na nagcheer especially ang mga criminology..kahit pala pasaway ang mga yun maasahan din minsan!@ todo effort talaga sila sa kakakalembang ng lamesa at sigaw!. sina kuya Coco ata yun.....

sa mga walang sawang nag cheer salamat...malaking tulong talaga yun para satin lahat!!

tama nga..wala sa uniform yan!!! sabi nga nung isang ateng nagcheer.

kahit paano may place din naman karamihan!


by the way I still don't have the results..I'll try again tomorrow!

Have a great day everybody!!

Monday, 22 February 2010

.just updates..Intrams 2010

this is the about the INTRAMURALS 2010 held in Camarin campus.

The Intrams is now over and we the Liberal Arts women's volleyball team got the second place or 1st runner up. We played against BA in the championship and obviously they are the champion.'s was a great and close fight! Most scores in both teams were from each others' errors.

I will soon post the official result of the said event maybe this week... I wasn't able to get the results from the PE club last time coz I was too tired & sleepy so I headed back home right away.

okay..just a few hints of what happened...

I thought that the College of Liberal Arts was pathetic at the opening of the event. You know basing on the outward appearance.

1. During the parade the CLA (College of Liberal Arts) didn't have solid group of students cheering for them. Who wouldn't be embarassed to go with other colleges' players who were all appropriately donned with their respective uniforms really tailored for them?? Di nga din ako sumama sa parade. kahiyang pagtawanan habang naglalakad no?

I felt really ashamed & embarassed to represent my college.

2. sa opening ceremony - ang flag ng CLA ay isang plain white shirt. raised by mam Badeth! (while others' were really tailored cloth showing their college names)

3. Walang mascot - as in! ang ganda ng mga mascot nung iba.

Sa BA (Business & Accountancy) isang bading na piniturahan ng yelow at may pambababang saplot na gawa sa feahers...It was realy artistic. I admire their efforts to come up with such idea. It symbolizes something pero di ko maalala coz I was too busy pitying my college.

Sa Educ (Blue team) naman ay isang owl which is a symbol of education, knowledge & learning. Fits them right.

Sa IT/PASOA ang astig!! Isang robot,,,galing pa ng nagsuot nun...pinangatawanan talaga niya ang pagoging robot. Galing ng pagkakagawa. I am proud of my fellow UCCian na gumawa nun. Sino man siya/sila!! saludo ko senyo/kanya!!

4. The uniforms. - there went a joke like this:


Education: Blue Team

IT/PASOA: Black Team

BA: Yellow

Liberal Arts: Assorted!!! (quote from Aubrey of chorale..)

..panu ba naman may iba naka green..nakawhite...nka brown...tama nga !! assorted..hehehe

..kaya pati in charge for our college umalis din during the opening...ayaw din ng kahihiyan..

..pinabayaan din ata kami ng so called "Liberal Arts Representative" -- lintik na yan!! no show si rep namin ah?? wala ata kahit moral support man lang. (tamaan kung sino man yun o) buti pa si Henmar Cardino na president ng Psych Soc. -- at least nagpakain ng biscuit. Kahit mapapel yun at least may nagagwa ..kahit madami naiinis sa kanya..I admire his wiillingness & efforts to really do something...di lang yung pagpapcute at pag showcase ng kagwapuhan jan.

sana sa sunod na eleksiyon alam na natin nag iboboto natin no?? for ssc I mean.


okay...okay..tama na sa mga sama ng loob...tapos na!!! tapos na!!

di ko rin masisi sila talga lahat...Other factors are to be blamed...and the major one is the lack of unity among the different per course orgs in the liberal arts...

BS Psychology

Ab Pol Sci

BS Criminology

BS Tourism

Bachelor in Public Administration

AB English

and dami dami oh...pero wala man lang magawa...

wala kasi tayong Organization talaga for Liberal Arts...

the educ may EDUC COUNCIL

the Voc Tech students may Business & Accountancy

the IT has ACES joined with PASOA...

LA lang talga ang wala....bakit kaya di gawan to ng paraan??

....sana ang effort na naman ng mga concerned student ay di mablock ng pansariling interes ng 'ibang' heads. Sana maitatag na to sa lalong madaling panahon.

di lang naman puro sama ng loob ang Intams sakin at satin mga kapwa ko estudyante...siyempre may masasaya din at bukas ko yun ikwento!! I gotta go..anong petsa na!!!


by the way...wish me luck na magkacopy ako ng mga pics from PE club!!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Intrams na Bukas!!

I am so excited for tomorrow is the start of the Intramurals.... the women's volleyball team of Liberal Arts/Arts & Sciences will have it's first game tomorrow at 1.. I'm not really sure if I'll be able to play then. I think I have to ask permission first from my boss..huhuhu... mahirap pa naman pag may nagkulang. According to an informant may bagong rules ngayon. All the 12 players in the team should be able to play unlike before. On the first set, the first 6 players who will play cannot play anymore on the second set. So if one player is missing it's automatically disqualified from the game. . Any player can play on the 3rd set on the other hand. I don't wanna let them down of course although I dont have that very big & important role to play in the team. You know I'm not that good. But I will make sure I will do my best.
by the way each team has it's disttinct color.
Liberal Arts - WHITE
Education - BLUE
Business Administration - YELLOW
Information Technology - BLACK
Faculty - RED
as for me I belong to Liberal Arts & surely ubusan na naman ng boses to!!
go!! go!! LIBERAL!
by the way..meron din palang cheering.... I wonder who'll take the first place this season. Last season the champion in cheering were the IT - Black Team. Other teams like BA - Yellow Team was disqualified..coz according to rumors a member of the dance troupe/pep squad joined the said team. And as we all know it is strictly prohibited.
Here's a video I saw on youtube:

They were the champion and I definitely agree to the judges' decision on this. It was really obvious that they were more amazing in all aspects. sabay-sabay talaga sila at graceful ang dancers/cheerers...may stage presence at talagang maccheecheer-up ka talaga... they were all smiling as well which drew the crowd and made it go wild!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Completion of INCOMPLETE subjects

di naman maxadong galit ang nagpost ng info ad na to! hahha napakalaki kasi nito posted in the first NR Room. rama nga naman...kaya sa mga may INC na tulad ko...go go go!!! askikasuhin ng maaga ng di mahuli at baka madropped ka pa!
For your information (no pun intended) if you got INC in a subject and you did not settle it within 2 semesters...then all your efforts for that subject will be invalid. you'll have to retake it and not complete your requirements. korek...!!! kailangan mong daanan lahat ULI!! take note! so as early as possible settle it to avoid hassle & problems later on. Advice from someone who experienced it personally.
so if you plan to settle you INC...follow the guidelines listed on the pic above.

The UCC Heads

(To view clearly the names here just click the image)

this tarpaulin was posted in the first NR Room in Camarintaken last Sunday Feb. 14, 2010

Retention Policy in UCC

As some may not know.... UCC has retention policy -- which means that if you are in your 1st-2nd year you have to maintain your gpa (grade point average) so that you'll be enrolled the next semester. The gpa varies in different colleges and departments.
BS Psychology - 2.25

Education - 2.0

AB Pol Sci - 2.25

i dunno about the rest but most are 2.25. just inquire in your respective departments for further information.

Search for Bb. Caloocan 2010

the search for Bb. Caloocan City is on!! ... so fo rthose talented and young UCCians out there who have the guts it's your time to shine and follow the footsteps of Karen de Guzman, the 2007 Bb. Caloocan. SHe was from UCC also.

After the ME!

The BS psychology 3A (Industrial Psychology majors) are all smiles after their last midterm examination on Feb 14, 2010. What a relief!!??

Endorsement Letter for 40-hour Observation

I just wanna post the letter we presented to institutions when we were applying for our 40-hour observation in 3rd year 1st sem. This might help those BS Psych students who will do the same observation we had.

We did a 40-hour observation in our subjects; Industrial Psychology, Social Work, and Special Education

(To View the contents of the letter just click the image and it will lead you to the full size image where the letters are readable)

This post will be a series since I'mplanning to also post some of our research papers that might help the lower years.

Thanks to marian for this scanned copy of their letter.

2009 Criminology Board Passers!

Annualy UCC has new set of it CPA Board Exams, Criminology or Education Board Exams. Indeed we have something to be proud of although a lot of people are looking down on us! They don't know that we have more passers in these competetive exams than other good and private universities. So although we lack facilities...let us all be proud my fellow UCCians!!'ll be seeing your name in tarpaulin as well..provided that you study hard of course.

Victory of one UCCian is victory of all!!

university of caloocan city 2009 crimininology board passers

(picture taken last Sunday Feb. 14, 2010 in UCC Camarin Campus)

Congratulations to the recent Criminology Board Passers!!
1. Asumbra, Mailyn
2. Artazo, Edmond Mulie
3. Artazo, Mark Joseph Orbert
4. Balongcas, Jefferson B.
5. Bandico, Jeffrey Templado
6. Bartolome, Allen Carl Balaan
7. Capricho, Anjie C.
8. De Guzman, Analie V.
9. Galang, Jonathan M.
10. Garcia, John Jay P.
11. Gulanan, Jayson Ebrada
12. Infante, Wilfredo Jr. Darriguez
13. Magno, Jessica Delino
14. Mahinay, Elrey M.
15. Malaki, Aladdin
16. Mendoza, Junie Bert
17. Pagdanganan, Jayron Macaventa
18. Santos, Catterin Lorena

Book Lover's Club

The Book Lover's Club (Camarin)

President: Renan Tenoria (officers to be updated asap)

Book Lover's Club Bulletin Board

The UCC Camarin Today - in Pictures

So former UCCians.... namiss mo na ba ang yung alma mater?? madaming nagtatanong..kamustah na kaya ang UCC. I think there is no better way to answer that than to use pictures. So here are the latest pics I took last Sunday February 14,2010 in UCC Camarin.
university of caloocan city pictures, UCC Camarin facilities. latest UCC pics
this is in front of the NR Rooms -- here you'll see UCC psychology students reviewing for the midterm exams. Yeah Valentines day/Midterm exams!!! great!!

university of caloocan city pictures, UCC Camarin facilities. latest UCC pics
the Registrar

university of caloocan city pictures, UCC Camarin facilities. latest UCC pics
The entrance

university of caloocan city pictures, UCC Camarin facilities. latest UCC pics
That door 'was' The Crossroads' office, next to it is the CLINIC and then the canteen

university of caloocan city pictures, UCC Camarin facilities. latest UCC pics
This is the Confuzio Canteen located just in front of UCC

university of caloocan city pictures, UCC Camarin facilities. latest UCC pics
This is the SSC Office. Adjacent to it is the PE fitting room

university of caloocan city pictures, UCC Camarin facilities. latest UCC pics
This is the New UCC Building (front view)

university of caloocan city pictures, UCC Camarin facilities. latest UCC pics
The gate

university of caloocan city pictures, UCC Camarin facilities. latest UCC pics
The rooms

university of caloocan city pictures, UCC Camarin facilities. latest UCC pics
"Stairway to Heaven" -- when you enter the gate you'll see this on the rightmost corner.
This way leads to the Campus Ministry Office (the one with the cross)

university of caloocan city pictures, UCC Camarin facilities. latest UCC pics
This is the entrance (but according to rumors the main gate will be relocated somehwere near the new building)

university of caloocan city pictures, UCC Camarin facilities. latest UCC pics
Mural Paintings on the concrete fence

university of caloocan city pictures, UCC Camarin facilities. latest UCC pics
The way to Camarin campus

Thursday, 11 February 2010

.just pictures..

BS Psychology students' Uniform
Kami ay makabayan

Sir Dantay flanked with Psych students in Camarin campus
(hahah si Sir o mukhang estudyante)

students eating at Confuzio Restaurant
(hehe Sponsor ang Confuzio)

The Crossroads Logo

BS pSych IP majors in camarin dissecting a Bangus for Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
(in front of NR Rooms in camarin)

ang banner/logo nung Psych Feud sa Camarin.

Inside the NR Rooms... an Office Procedure class in Camarin with Prof. Tulod
(around 7pm)

Friday, 5 February 2010

Graduate Study Scholarship in KOrea

.... what will you do if you read or received an interesting news that might be useful to others too?? me -- of course I'll blog it!!!

I've read from a blog I'm following that a scholarship for graduate studies is now being offered to Filipinos who want to study in Korea. Take note KOREA!!

This is a repost of Ms. betchay's post on her blog Buhay sa KOrea.

Read the following application guidelines:

2010-2 Admission Guideline

UCC Singing Idol Banner

...these days I get a lot of updates about the UCC Singing Idol from the facebook community. I wanna thank Mam Badette for this banner I copied from her profile. sorry po di ako nagpaalam
The final list of the finalists is now all throughout the online community...who is your bet?who do you think will take home the prize & be named the first UCC singing idol???watch ou & wait for the updates

University of Caloocan City Singing Idol, banner, finalists,

what do you think?? astig ba?? heheh anjan si lolo recom oh!! kala ko singing idol din! (?)

The First UCC Singing Idol Finalists - 2010

university of caloocan city singing idols

..the latest update from The UCC Singing Idol:


so the official list of finalists is as follows:










...Congratulations to all of you guys!!! I'm sure your departments & colleges are very proud of you.
Same goes t the 3 semi-finalists -- Congratulations pa din. From the courage you have shown I salute all of you!. lang kayo kahit talo. artistahin naman kayo!@

university of caloocan city singing idols

>>> to ate Ghalen (naka red sa taas) okay lang yan!! Kaw naman pinakamaganda eh!!

Click here for the complete names, pictures & descriptions of the finalists.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Are there any Camarin HS grad UCCians out there???

As I was blog hopping I found the CAMARIN HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION so I encourage my fellow UCCians in Camarin to join the alumni organization.

Check their site here:

The UCC Singing Idols

UCC Singing Idol, Caloocan City, University of Caloocan City

In celebration of the Caloocan City's Foundation Day,several activities will be held this February in UCC. One of which is the UCC Singing Idol which is now on going. (for the site click here)

"WATCH THEIR FINALE on FEB 25, 2010 5pm Caloocan City Hall Main Plaza
w/ guest judges FROM THE AWARD-WINNING CAST OF "AKO SI NINOY" Musicale!"

As of the moment the following are the bottom 6 who tied for the 9th & 10th place so on friday Feb 5, 2010 an elimination will be held to determine the final 9th and 10th finalists.

* Ms. Chiraidee Aira Baluran BSE-Sci, one of the bottom 6, is not in this selection.

"And the search begins........"

MAYBELYN DESONIA is the pride of the IT Dept taking up BSIS. She is also the only soprano among the idols.

UCC Singin Idol, Caloocan City, University of Caloocan City, MAYBELYN DESONIA

PAUL GABRIELLE GARCIA is a member of the Center for UCC's Best Entertainers (CUBE), the University's official theater group. He is a BS Psychology student who is not just a good balladeer but also a fine actor.

UCC Singing Idol, Caloocan City, University of Caloocan City, Paul Gabrielle Garcia

RAYMART TIOSAN is from BEED and is also into ballads.

UCC Singing Idol, Caloocan City, University of Caloocan City, Raymart Tiosan

MELINDA BRUSAS is the representative of the big department of BSBA. She is taking up Marketing Management.

UCC Singing Idol, Caloocan City, University of Caloocan City, Melinda Brusas

GLENDA REBANA, aka GHALEN, is a BS Psychology Senior majoring in Industrial Psych. She's also into dancing and enjoys blogging and posting over facebook

UCC Singing Idol, Caloocan City, University of Caloocan City, Glenda Rebana

The Finalists

Fimalist #8 -- Reneelle Novillos
Neil is also an AB English Broadcast Journalism major with a super powerful voice (she declined to use the mic during auditions, yet she delivered very well.)
Campus: Main

UCC Singing Idol, Caloocan City, University of Caloocan City, reneelle Novillos

Finalist #7 -- Aileen Clarissa Lina
English majors' very own Lady Gaga, AILEEN wowed the judges with her great American accent even as she sings. She can even pull some moves and good notes too!

Location: Main Campus

UCC Singing Idol, Caloocan City, University of Caloocan City, AIleen Clarissa Lina

Finalist #6 -- Nelson Canoy
KENJIE, is an AB English Broadcast Journalism major who is an active member of the UCC Dance Troupe. Truly multi-talented!

Location: Main Campus

UCC Singing Idol, Caloocan City, University of Caloocan City, Nelson Canoy

Finalist #5 -- Flor Vincent Lopez
VINZ is an Elementary Education student who is always flashing his cute dimple even while singing... so cute...

Location: Camarin Annex

UCC Singing Idol, Caloocan City, University of Caloocan City, Flor Vincent Lopez
Finalist #4 - Christopher de Guzman
CHRIS is the charming boy-next-door with a voice that will melt all the ladies' hearts! Taking up BS Tourism, this 3rd year student is really shy.

Location: Camarin Annex

UCC Singing Idol, Caloocan City, University of Caloocan City, Christopher de Guzman
Finalist #3 - Kristoffer Joy Reyes
A lot of people (specially the judges) had a hard time believing that JOY is a BS Criminology student with a very lovely baritone! He will surely surprise everyone.

The Singing Idol staff dubbed him BAD BOY IDOL haha

Location: Buena Park

UCC Singing Idol, Caloocan City, University of Caloocan City, Kristoffer Joy reyes

Finalist #2 - Richelle Pascual

CHEL is a senior BSE-Sci student with a knock for RnB. Don't let those soft locks fool you, this lady packs a lot of hard power in her vocal chords!

Location: Main Campus

UCC Singing Idol, Caloocan City, University of Caloocan City, Richelle Pascual
finalist #1 - Ken Mark Taguran
KENN is a BSOAd sophomore, always ready to flash his refreshing smile.

MR. EXCITEMENT of the Singing Idols ;p

Location: Camarin Annex

UCC Singing Idol, Caloocan City, University of Caloocan City, Ken Mark Taguran

** Thank you vety much for the UCC Singing IDOL facebook account. I got all these information from them.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

New Building for UCC - University of Caloocan City

university of caloocan city new building in camarin
the new building (far view ) -- it is located behind the NR Rooms

university of caloocan city new building in camarin
this is what it looks like inside

university of caloocan city new building in camarin
this is what it looks in a near view
This post is copied from here.

From Positive News Media

Mayor announces P38-M new building construction for University of Caloocan City

Jul 21, 2009 - 4:50:24 AM

MANILA, July 22 (PNA) -- Caloocan Mayor Enrico Recom Echiverri announced Tuesday that the local government has already began the construction of a P38 million new building for the University of Caloocan City (UCC) campus in Camarin.

The four-storey, 16 classroom, is expected to be commissioned in July 2010.

Echiverri said that the city government decided to expand the UCC Camarin facility due to its increasing enrollment.

Currently, due to space limitations in UCC's main campus located along Gen. San Miguel street, Sangandaan, a number of its colleges were assigned to different campuses in Tandang Sora along 7th Avenue; Buena Park in University Hills Subdivision; and Camarin.

university of caloocan city new building in camarin
near view

The UCC is the city sole tertiary education institution for marginalized students.

However, under the Echiverri administration flagship building Schools for the Futurescheme, major construction projects for the university will go hand-in-hand with renovation and upgrading of its existing buildings and facilities.

This scheme is alongside other initiatives such as the school improvement plan to address UCC's ever increasing school population, he noted.

Either new buildings will be added or undergo major refurbishments under the scheme because it is very important for the city and its residents that we invest in education, Echiverri added.

UCC registrar Marilyn De Jesus said that the school has a total student population of a little over 10,500 undergraduate and postgraduate enrollees.

De Jesus said their main campus in Caloocan South has 4,985 enrollees while their Camarin Campus in Caloocan North has a population of 5,698 students. (PNA)

© Copyright 2004 by Positive News Media

"the building is almost done. beaming with the administration's flagship color royal blue & yellow. It is really a great help for us UCCians but I think not the color. when we were having classes in NR rooms especially when it's sunny day it's really an eyesore seeing the building splendent with royal blue & yellow. Iam not complaining. I am just simply saying that maybe we can tone down the color so that our eyes wouldn't hurt that much. I can't even stare at the building longer than 3 minutes." I hope to post pictures later.

( as promised..i updated this and the pictures are there.)

it is not yet functional as of the moment and I don't know when they plan to use it. there are still remaining things to fix. I've heard there (is) (will) be a basement parking here.