Monday, 21 February 2011

Nagtataka lang ako..

1. Bakit parang palaging sarado ang CROSSROADS office?? di tuloy ako makakuha ng copy ko. [sayang din yun.binayaran ko din yun]

2. Bakit di natin kayang maging malinis sa paligid?

3. Bakit may mga Prof na UNFAIR?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Cat Dissection Day

These are the not-so-good photos taken by me.I hope you guys can bear with it. By the way these were taken during our laboratory class in Human Anatomy & Physiology under Prof. Pascual. We dissected a cat outside since doing it inside the classroom or near the science laboratory made other classes a bit inconvenient. Unfortunately we don't have enough facilities specially made for lab use.

Inside the Science Laboratory.

The bottles of organs.

Let me guys tell you about my Human Anatomy & Physiology class with Prof. Pascual.
I'm not wondering why we have a lot of LET passers out there. The faculty members who mold these individuals are exceptional in
my opinion. Being an IRREGULAR student made me realize it. Seeing how these Education students are uprooted from their innocence to face the challenging world. I can see that they are the ones who work the hardest in the university. A lot of requirements are asked from them & they willfully comply. A lot of tests have to be gone through..exams that will evaluate whether they can still stay in the course or not. Well, we all go through it but I just think theirs is more severe. And the ones who make them go through it are their professors. One in particular is my current professor who I shall call Mr. Pascual. Although this subject can be a bit dragging & grueling sometimes but with Prof. Pascual's good humor it can become a bit more fun!

He can elaborate more on one topic..he seems prepared for the class & he can share a lot of practical & interesting science-related tips. Going to his class early in the morning can be a bit dragging sometimes but with the thought of how much I can possibly learn each class motivates me. So I'm trying my best to really be PRESENT --- physically, mentally & psychologically. [hehehe -- I hope you get what I mean]

The hallway in front of the Science laboratory



small & large intestines

My lab partner Jonathan with the specimens.


Honestly,though I think some ABEng majors might raise an eyebrow with this but at first I found it a bit ironic that the ABEngs had the simplest organization name -- GROUP OF ENGLISH MAJORS. I thought that they're the ones' supposed to be 'creative' & 'artistic'. But not so long ago I realized that the name just really suits them. GEMS --- as how they call themselves are indeed gems.... of UCC awaiting to be unearthed. Maybe now they're just a form of mineral but as time passes by I'm pretty sure they will take a CUT & POLISHED form, which will in turn become adornments. Adornments that will make us all proud.

GEMS logo.

GEMS Organization T-shirt
This looks fresh, comfy & eye-catching.Don't you agree?]
Thanks to
Jozen Cristobal Calvez for these pictures.

Well guys, their craft isn't only confined in making a logo & an org. shirt. It also extended in the theater & photography. One such example for these are the following pictures taken by

When there is no one to protect our rights"
~Marc Lumabi

When rights seem futile"
~ Mai Nipin

When the sun shines, ABEngs shine as well"

It's such a good thing that the photographer captured this moment. Such a bright day.
[I just really like the angle & lighting here]

The sun seething through"

[The water tank beside the Fil-Chi rooms.]

Fill me" said the tank.

The Leaky Pipes"

For THEATER well I think it's yours to judge by watching their
ASSA MALEDICTUM this coming March 1st. [for inquiries click HERE]

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Photos to Tour You Around!

I rarely go around the campus [Camarin] nowadays. I only get to see my classmates once a week so I only update myself about the latest happenings through the help of Facebook, the latest & most used social networking service.

As I was browsing through the photos of my friends & classmates I saw pictures of them attending together different school activities which I didn't get to attend. Even the class picture which makes me a little melancholic. Haisst.. that's what it pays to be a working student. But of course I'm not complaining.

Another thing that caught my attention was one of JOZEN's (AB English sophomore) photo album. It was entitled 'Photography'. The inquisitive mind of mine got intrigued so I opened it & hoala!! Different interesting & somewhat curiosity-inducing pictures appeared on my monitor. Browsing through it made me feel cozy around campus although I haven't actually been there.

The best ones in my opinion are posted below:

1. "Who Said Windows Only Function as Windows?"

I'm not sure if this one was done for picture sake or for utility but I find this amusing, strange & unmannered.

2. "A smile in a Seemingly Gloomy Day!"

Blocks of woods are scattered in front of the Fil-Chi rooms. This picture depicts the university's high need for maintenance. If these' nails happen to meet the by passers' feet, I'm not sure if our mini clinic will be ready to accommodate such cases. But who cares? It hasn't happened yet so why bother? Smile.

3. "UCCians & Ants' Coexistence"

Ecosystem abounds around campus. Serves another purpose I guess. This can also be used for Science classes. I'm telling you, if you are in UCC you will learn to be very resourceful.

4. "One Cloudy Day"

This is located on the right side of the Fil-Chi rooms... a water tank. It used to leak I think. Bamboo trees are planted behind it. The trees are thick enough to be inhabited by pandas.

4. "Heaven is Within Reach"

Now that another facility, the Recom Building is provided, our dreams are getting farther from impossible. Heaven is indeed within reach.

These pictures were taken by Marc Lumabi [daw sabi ni Jozen]. Thanks! These are really great pictures.

Now that you've just had a free tour it's time for you to pay. Say your comments reactions about the pictures. If you can make a title for each what would they be & why? Your opinions will be highly appreciated!

Note: The pictures above are not mine. So if you plan to grab or repost them please make sure to put the same
CREDITS okay? Pictures are considered one's POSSESSION. So if you grab/repost them without permission is like STEALING. You have the right to do as you please but also be reminded that RIGHT comes with RESPONSIBILITY.

"I believe that every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty. "

~John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

October 2010 Civil Service Exam Sub-pro 7th Placer is a UCCian!!

PRECIOUS M. PAGLINAWAN whose picture is shown below [BSOAD 3A] got the coveted 7th place in the recently concluded CIVIL SERVICE exam sub-professional level!

I think this picture was taken at the main entrance of UCC Camarin

photo credit:
Josh Casa

Congratulations a million times to her & to the faculty staff behind honing her into who she is now!!

Wow wow wow!! Posting these kinds of news about our fellow students' and alumnus' achievement never makes me tired. The
UCCian Pride list continues......
..and on..

Do you want to be included?

Saturday, 5 February 2011

News: AB Eng's Play at UP Aldaba Hall

With the success of the previous play entitled
PAMANA ng MUSIKA of the CUBE members I can't help but anticipate this new production of 2nd year AB English students of Camarin entitled "ASSA MALEDICTUM". As I've mentioned in the previous post about it [Pamana ng Musika] , I couldn't believe that a university as small & as humble as hours could be capable of such production.

Now that that there is a new production in the works...I wish to support in any way I can.

I've heard a lot of buzz about this since a 'ka-facebook'/friend/PE classmate of mine named
Jozen frequently adds/posts pics about it. I got intrigued, interested & impressed at the same time. They sure look like having fun [on the rehearsal photos] but it's inevitable to notice that they experience hardships as well.

the official poster

Below are the

Thanks to Doc Lopez for the photos.

It's no joke. Di pa man nagaganap ang play I
CONGRATULATE them in advance na.

So UCCians let's watch & support our ABENg schoolmates!!


They had the 'critique's night last Feb. 8th in RB & the ticket costed

On MARCH 1st 2011 @ UP ALDABA HALL. The ticket costs 100.00. Some alumni will also be present as guest performers. These sophomore AB English students of UCC Camarin are under Maam Leigh Ann Perez' guidance & supervision!

For more info [schedule/ticket etc inquiries] please visit their page. [CLICK HERE]

Thanks to
Jozen Cristobal Calvez for the details.

Basketball Varsity Men's Team Nagpasikat!!

A banner I've read from the main entrance in UCC Camarin.


to the UCC Basketball Varsity Men's Team. 1st Runner up 6th season CAMANAVA College &

Universities Athletic Association (CCUAA) competition.