Monday, 8 March 2010

The New UCC Building -- to be fully functional in SY 2010-2011

It's been confirmed!! ---- the new UCC building in Camarin will be fully functional next school year. (SY 2010-2011) I am so excited!! -- unfortunately the seniors now won't be able to use it..too bad for them..pero okay lang at least nakita nila?? (pede n bang consolation yun?)

hehhe anyways..according to my source, Prof. Joan Tulod all the 16 rooms will be divided into two so all in all we will have 32 new classrooms next year!! and...magkakaroon na daw po ng HRM na course. gusto daw yun ni Mayor Recom. 5 rooms will be alotted to them as their laboratory.. so pwede ng ipamalita!!

when I was walking in the street behind the NOW UCC I couldn't help myself but smile & be was truly a good structure..sending me a message that soon I can justify proudly that my school is indeed a great one!!! not just basing on the graduates it produces but also on it's structure.

yung likod ngayon ay gagawing harap..there we'll see the front view of the school beaming proudly it's name. there's the arch which is a typical structure in almost all universities.

pero habang naglalkad ako nun nagsisi ako..wala akog camerang dala! too bad..but surely next time will never be the same.


Anonymous said...

...tmaH my new building na xa CAMARIN pero pnu naman ang tntwag nating main campUs?gANun nlang ba yun hbang buhAy?.wla na po baNg blak auZin ang main campuS?....calling the auThorities espEcially the presiDent of our uniVersity..

Jill said...

I've read from Caloocan City's official publication named RECOMENDADO (can you believe it?) magpapatayo ng bagong MAIN campus sa BUENA PARK! There was also a draft or a picture they posted on the said paper. I'll look for it & try to post it here!

In the picture it was a Great structure. I just hope it will be materialized as soon as possible.

also mentioned there is that they will delay the reconstruction of the new CITY HALL & 'prioritize' the new UCC MAIN Building.

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