Tuesday, 2 March 2010

2010 Civil Service Exams Schedule & 'How To'

Still an undergrad?? You can still take the 2010 Civil Service Exam
Here's how:

The Civil Service Commission has the following schedules lined up for the conduct of the 2010 Career Service Examination (CSE) Paper and Pencil Test (PPT) for first level (subprofessional) and second level (professional) positions in government service.


Date of Exam Deadline for Application:
April 25, 2010 March 10, 2010
October 17, 2010 September 1, 2010


Application Requirements

1.Applicants must accomplish properly the prescribed examination application form (CS Form No. 100 Revised 2008).

2.Four (4) latest and identical (1.5” x 2”) I.D. pictures with white background and with a full name tag that includes the surname, first name and middle initial taken within three (3) months before the date of filing of the application. Pictures that are scanned, photocopied or computer-enhanced are not accepted. Name tag should be hand-held. Applicants should not wear eye glasses or any accessory that may cover their facial features when they are having their pictures taken.

3.Any valid ID such as Driver’s License, SSS ID, GSIS ID, current Office ID, Postal ID, BIR ID, Barangay ID, Voter’s ID, Valid Passport or Police Clearance which contain the applicant’s picture, signature, birthdate, and the signature of the authorized head of the issuing agency. Photocopy of the same should be attached to the approved application form to serve as reference for Room Examiners on the day of the examination.

4.Examination fee of Php 350.00.

The Examinations shall cover the following subject areas:

•For Career Service Professional - In English and Filipino; vocabulary, grammar and correct usage, paragraph organization, reading comprehension, analogy, logic and numerical reasoning.

•For Career Service Subprofessional - In English and Filipino; vocabulary, grammar and correct usage, paragraph organization, reading comprehension, spelling, clerical operations and numerical reasoning.
Both Professional and Subprofessional levels of the examinations shall have general information on the following areas: Philippine Constitution, Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees (R.A. 6713), Peace and Human Rights Issues and Concepts, and Environment Management and Protection.

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..if you are interested to have a copy of the reviewer pls send me a message through the chatbox on the right or by leaving a comment here. Don't worry you just have to photocopy it. I won't charge.

Here's the application form you can download it here.

Cs Form No. 100 (Revised 2008)

Goodluck guys..let's start reviewing as soon as possible.

For more info click here.


Keivin Karl C. Cabreros said...

Nice blog, keep it up. I bet you'll be a great blogger soon, provided that you keep your heart on it. Godspeed.

To the visitors, staying here will not waste your time. It's actually healthy for the brain IMHO.

Jill said...

hahaha thanks for droppind by Keivin.

Jill said...

hi Julie..thanks for leaving a message on the chat box!

are you from UCC?? if yes are you from Camarin?/ coz I have a photocopy of the reviewer...if you want maybe we can meet in UCC camarin & I can lend it to you for photocopy.

send me a message if you're interested!!

I have facebook account. My name there is Mai Nipin.sending me a msg there will be more notived.

Anonymous said...

Agree ako sa sinabi ni keivin.

Anonymous said...

hi ..
want po sana ng reviewer ng civil service exam

txt me po

thank you!

Jill said...

ah okay po.txt kita..but if you want my soft copy dito..download & print mo na lang!

thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...


pede din po ba ma pa photocopy ng reviewer mo? hehehe.... tnx..

polscie07@yahoo.com.. (fb q po..)

tnx a lot..


penge nman po ng photocopy ng reviewer ang ask ko lng po if pwede sa inyo pumasok ng 2nd sem .





tsaka po enge na po din ng examinatin reviewer thx :)

hulyanah said...

Hi, can i borrow your reviewer? Where ikaw pwede puntahan?

Nestor said...

Hi, im one of the UCC Student in Camarin,
hoping that you can give me a copy of
reviewer for Civil Service Examination
before new year,i hope you read it and
give me a copy as soon as possible.plss!..
kindly send the reviewer to my email add.
at quinaging_8@yahoo.com(my yahoo mail)!..
Thank you, Thank you and i hope you can
help me.

Mai Nipin said...

I'm so sorry nestor! ngayon ko lang to nabasa. I've been very busy kasi eh.

Anonymous said...

penge naman po ng photocopy ng reviewer kc mag tatake din po ako ng civil service exam ee... paki send nlang po dito sa ym ko... joel.ochavez@yahoo.com .. >>> salamat po =D

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