Friday, 28 May 2010

CPA Passer

CONGRATULATIONS to these UCCian CPA Board Passers!
I found this on our FB Group.

Examinations !!!!!!!!!
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Thursday, 27 May 2010

BEED LET Passers

Congratulations to the following BEED LET Passers.

1. Barrun, Joana Marie S.

2. Boñor, Josel U.

3. Borlaza, Ariel U.

4. Dimayuga, Marites B.

5. Dollete, Jennifer C.

6. Domingo, June Kristine G.

7. Escolar, Joy R.

8. Fajardo, Rosemarie D.

9. Gallardo, Mike Oliver

10. Garcia, Amgeli Queen C.

11. Lacdo-o, rachelle DT.

12. Nazareno, Mary Ann

13. Niverca, Kessy D.

14. Primne, Lanilyn O.

15. Ramos, Ana Margarita C.

16. Roldan, Joana Marie

17. Tindoy, Jessica

18. Toralba, Ma. Loren m.

19. Velicarla, Rose Ann


I saw this one in a tarpaulin posted in Camarin.

If ever the names are mispelled pls let me know. I wrote this down & I had a crappy handwriting.

you know!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Enrollment Scene/Requirements for OLD Students

This morning (may 24, 2010) I went to UCC Camarin to ask for an ORDER of PAYMENT.
This is what greeted me!
the long queues as usual.
Actually I have expected this already..but I didn't expect the heat. I've just taken a bath before I departed but here ..while taking this pic..sweat was already flowing from my head to my spine...
di lang siya tumutulo..dumadaloy na din.

view from a food stall outside.
as you can see students seated in the bleachers (covered court)..they are the new applicants for the entrance exams.

Cross-out the number 5. It has been removed from the list.
For OLD students...the above mentioned are the REQUIREMNETS.
1. Registration FORM for the LAST semester you have attended (2nd sem 2009-2010)
2. School ID
3. Final Examination Permit
4. Adviser's Form - for those who don't know this..
this is the form from your department head indicating your grades foerthe previous semester. This is the basis for HOW MANY UNITS you'll take & if you are already APPROVED by your Dept. HEAD/ADVISER to enroll.
5. 3 pcs. 2x2 ID picture.
I haven't finished enrolling yet but this is what I can remember of those 3 years in UCC.
1. Go to your DEPT. HEAD/ ADVISER. Provide an ADVISER's FORM which you can buy from the REGISTRAR or in some cases you can have this from your DEPT. HEAD already
just like in our dept. (Psychology) our grades are already computed and summarized in a small computerized sheet of paper which costs 5.00.
. Fill it up with your grades. Have your Dept. Head verify & sign it.
2. Go to the ACCOUNTING OFFICE - ASK for an ORDER of Payment.
you must have:
ID, Final exam permit, Registration form & the ADVISER's FORM.
3. Go to the CITY HALL - fall in line in the counter that accepts TUITION payments.
PAY the REQUIRED amount in the ORDER of PAYMENT
4. Go back to UCC
Look for the paying area for
a. insurance fee (in the clinic)
b. Supreme Studnet Council Fee - (40.00-at the SSC office)
c. The Crossroads (I'm not sure if we have this now-)
d. Organization Fee (depends on your dept.)
be sure to ask for the RECEIPTS.
This number 4 is optional. If you want to do it earlier no problem. As long as you have your ID or Registration Form.
5. Go to the MIS - (Management Information System)
a. Tuition Fee Receipt
b. Tution Fee Receipt PHOTOCOPY
c. Adviser's Form
d. all the RECEIPTS (SSC, Crossroads,Insurance)
when you're done here you should have the 3-copy registration form pink, white & blue. (first year) and cardboard like reg form.
6. Have your REG FORM signed by an authorized person (eg.Dept. Head, Sir Reyes, studnet assistant)
7. Go to the registrar & have your NEW registration forms STAMPED 'ENROLLED' & get your class cards.
****CONGRATULATIONS! You are now an official student. Welcome to UCC!
hope this helps fellow UCCian. If you have any corrections to this..feel free to msg me on te chat box or the commnet space provided below.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Ang Bagong Kwaderno

Oh kay sarap magsulat sa BAGONG NOTEBOOK.



Walang bahid dungis.

..ngayong pasukan bago na namang mga kasangkapan sa pag-aaral.

Bagong..uniform, sapatos, bag, ballpen BAGONG NOTEBOOK..

lahat bago.

pero paglaon kintatamarang ng sulatan o harapin man lang.

ganyan tayo.

madaling nakaklimot.

sana kung gaano tayo kaexcited sa PASUKAN..ganoon pa din tayo hanggang sa huli.

sana sa bawat pagpasok natin sa eskwela..lagi nating aalalahanin ang ating mga PRAYORIDAD.

Huwag sana tayong padadala sa tukso ng paligid.

andyan ang mga boyfriends/girfriends..

andyan ang DOTA..


ang videoke..

at kung ano ano pang maaring makasagabal.

Sana maisip natin ang ating mga magulang sa bawat pagpasok natin.

Maisip natin ang kanilang kahit paano ay maranasan man lang natin ang hindi NILA naranasan.

ang mabigyan tayo ng magandang kinabukasan

..sana HINDI dumating ang araw na tayo ay MABUBUNTIS o MAKAKABUNTIS.

Sana...gamitin natin sa wastong paraan ang anuman sa ating napag-aralan.

..tulad ng BAGONG KWADERNO..

malinis..walang sulat..

sisimulan nating ilapat ang mga kaalaman.

at bago matapos ang apat na taong pinaghirapan..muling makikitang siya'y nagkaroon ng SAYSAY.

Enrollment Days in UCC

Londg queues are usual scenes in UCC during the month of May. The month of ENROLLMENT.

..students sweat...complain...fall in friends/classmates.

along with the hardship...we make sure to get something to relax for. That's where we now make "kupits"

student A: "nakamagkano ka?"

student B: secret. Tara SM tayo!

hahha..that's true..I'm sure a lot of us do that.
But not me.

Di ko pwedeng kupitan a ng sarili ko eh.

Fortunately that day WE were only scheduled to pay our ORG FEE (Psych Society-40.00 + adviser's form 5.00 = 45.00). And we're accomodated in an airconditioned room.

I got to meet some of my friends..and classmates.

This is the scene in the registrar.

there's Vheia..(GIB - gay in blue.badly wanted to be in the pic)'ll see parents waiting in line too.

my classsmates.
Soon...the classes wil start... are you READY for another CHALLENGE UCCian??

Are you ready to strut your new shoes, bags, and uniform??

then let's go!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

To whom this may concern:

Calling the school ADMIN or SSC
A guest from this BLOG complained about the CR's in Camarin.
here's what he/she has to say:
hi! tanong lang po, san po ba ang CR sa UCC Camarin bukod sa Educ building?
--- sira kasi yung sa Educ . test namin last sat, walang CR na ok. dumating
ako around 8 at naiihi na ko, 9am pa ang exam, tapos sira ang CR, at kahit
nagtanong pa ako sa labas

wala talaga akong napakiusapan. malapit na 9am kaya bumalik na ako sa
UCC, tatlong oras akong
nagtiis, ihing-ihing na ako during the exam.
-by GUEST 2010-05-17 4:06 AM
Kawawa naman ang examinee na to. I'm sure it affected his/her exam performance somehow.
Yes, this has been a problem for quite along time now...
madumi...mabaho ang CR natin. Madaming SSC generation na ang nagattempt na ayusin ito..naayos naman..napinturahan..nalinis..(ng konti)
pero ang serbisyo nito ay pareho pa din..
mga apat ng cubicles atah yun (Girls CR)
pero I think only 2 are functional.
Let's HOPE & PRAY this NEED will be addressed SOON.
UCCians..let's also REMEMBER that we should know how to maintain & observe the CLEANLINESS of the facilities given to US. We also have a role to make this possible.
Huwag sana tayong maging SALAULA.

Ano ba talaga? MERON ba o WALA? (X-Ray & Med Exam Issue)

I heard from text messages spreading..and posts in our FaceBook group that the X-Ray & Medical exam requirement before enrollment is now ceased.
WALA na DAW po!
This was verified by my friend. He called the registrar's office & Sir Reyes, the Camarin Campus OIC answered..he CONFIRMED it!
but then after few days the same friend txtd again saying the policy will likely or possibly be implemented still...but students CAN still ENROLL without it!
so all we have to do is to wait..& see!
this is really confusing! A lot of students have been complaining.
I will say it again...
There's nothing wrong with the POLICY itself..but it's the process & implementation of the POLICY. This creates confusion among students.
Hopefully this will be resolved and the STUDENTS will be informed FORMALLY!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

New Requirements: X-Ray & Medical Examination

For the ENROLLEES for this new school year..we have new requirements to comply.
It's the X-Ray & Physical/Medical Examination.

It is worth 200.00 if you''ll have it inside the campus. You can also have them outside the campus but they are limited to PUBLIC hospitals/clinics only.

Here are some public Hospitals Keivin from UCC FB group has generously shared:
Keivin Karl C. Cabreros:
Here's a list of some public hospitals in Caloocan, Malabon, Manila and Quezon city area.

1) San Lazaro Hospital - Sta. Cruz,Manila

2) Philippine Heart Center - East Avenue, QC

3) Quirino Memorial Medical Center - project 4, QC...

4) Diosdado Macapagal Hospital

5) Pagamutang Bayan ng Malabon - Maya-Maya Street cor.
Dagat-...Dagatan Avenue
I suggest try to get their contact # for inquiries to lessen the hustle, sorry I
forgot to include it.

This has been so controversial to UCCian netizens on Facebbook. A lot of them have expressed dislike but some are open-minded enough.

These are the reactions of UCCians from the FB group.

naka recieved ako ng txt na may mga students na hindi payag sa bagong requirements ng skul ngaun. well wla na tayong mgagawa.. wala naman mawa2la kung su2nod tau pro pde ba malaman kung ano ang reason??(shara lang!!)

Top of Form

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Mira Ocampo Savella
tama! pano kaya ung mga incoming seniors na hindi makapasa sa medical exam at xray results nila? edi hindi mkakapag enrol, hindi mkaka-graduate.haha. naisip ko lang. but i'm not an anti- or pro :)
Yesterday at 6:58pm ·

Keivin Karl C. Cabreros
What's the rationale for this? What if there's a problem with their results? Don't tell me that they have the authority to take away the students right of education! At least let the students know the rationale behind these requirements.
8 hours ago ·

Mai Nipin
I've read from Mam Badeths comment na may nadiagnose daw na UCCian na may TB. so it's better to make sure diba?
3 hours ago ·

Mai Nipin
Kung sakaling may comunicable disease man tayo malalaman natin..maagapan at higit sa lahat di makakahawa sa kapwa estudyante.
3 hours ago ·

Mai Nipin
meron na pala yan..dito ko lang sa FB narinig..ay huli na naman ako.anyway..I think it's just necessary to have those xray & physical checkups..nung first year tayo last na ginawa yun diba?? so I guess there's possibility na makaacquire tayo ng sakit..I know masakit sa BULSA yan pero PARA SATIN din yan!! dilang yan pauso.
3 hours ago ·

Armanz Pocallan Avendaño II
hindi naman siguro papaalisin sa univeristy if they are diagnosed with a certain disease. think on the positive side, kapag nalaman ang kalagayan ng isang estudyante e siguro they'll advise them to take meds and have check ups. wala akong nakikitang mali bukod lang sa late na sinabi.
3 hours ago ·

Mai Nipin
@Armanz - I agree.
3 hours ago ·

Armanz Pocallan Avendaño II
:) sana nababasa ng admin to. HAHA
3 hours ago ·

Mira Ocampo Savella
ya i'm just wondering lang if ano ang gagawin nilang action after nun. Kasi dapat maaga pa lang ininform na nila tayo.
3 hours ago ·

Armanz Pocallan Avendaño II
it's for our own sake.
3 hours ago ·

Mira Ocampo Savella
i just received a text message saying that we should go to any PUBLIC HOSPITALS for our medical exam. Bawal daw sa private clinics.
3 hours ago ·

Armanz Pocallan Avendaño II
ows? wala akong alam na public hospitals na pwedeng magpamedical asap.
3 hours ago ·

Mira Ocampo Savella
3 hours ago ·

Keivin Karl C. Cabreros
Seriously for TB? This is so unusual I haven't heard any universities having medical requirements for preventing this disease aside from drug check-ups and h1n1 prevention measures. Anyway does our university also took measures to prevent h1n1 virus before or perhaps drugs check-ups?
about an hour ago ·

Armanz Pocallan Avendaño II
yan ang wala ata. ni hindi nga namin alam para san talaga ung medical requirements na yun. and ito pa, we are not allowed to have a medical examination to private hospitals. we are forcing to the public hospitals. see? what kind of admin is that. talagang tinutulak kaming sa loob na ng school magpa medical. x(
about an hour ago ·

Keivin Karl C. Cabreros
Hmm wait, here's some public hospital that you may try. 1) San Lazaro Hospital - Sta. Cruz,Manila2) Philippine Heart Center - East Avenue, QC3) Quirino Memorial Medical Center - project 4, QC... See More4) Philippines General Hospital - Taft Avenue, Manila
57 minutes ago ·

Armanz Pocallan Avendaño II
57 minutes ago ·

Keivin Karl C. Cabreros
Honestly, I see a lot of possibilities around here though theres no concrete basis but I know you guys and my fellow uccians smell something fishy around here at least. But like I've said there's no concrete basis. I just hoped that ssc did something to work this out anyway we cannot blame them but at least let us know that they do their best for students common good.
50 minutes ago ·

Armanz Pocallan Avendaño II
magkakaalaman sa enrollment next week to.
47 minutes ago ·

Keivin Karl C. Cabreros
Whatever the true rationale or interest behind this requirements you guys are still bound to comply since it's already late to arrange things with the admin. Nevertheless good luck to your check-ups.
42 minutes ago ·

Mai Nipin
WHY ARE WE not allowed to go to private ONES?? - dahil nababayaran po ang IBA (take note- IBA).kapag sa Public naman mas mahigpit sila at MAS MURA!

Anne Loraine Misajon:
haha! mahal ng xray! wa pera pano yung mga student n awa pera!!!! wa enrol? hehehehe

Rea Castillo:
200... Aw. Kataas naman...

Andrea Lean R. Mandig:
arts of corruption

I say:

We open our minds first before we react. Let's ponder on it for a while before accusing anybody of anything evil.

I know the admin of our univ. has their share of blunders..but that doesn't mean they always do so.

Think of this NEW POLICY as a security for you UCCian.

This maybe a LIABILITY now but it (your health)will be your ASSET in the future.

Let's take this as an example:
a friend of yours contacted a COMMUNICABLE nahawa ka. Kung nagpamedical check up ka madadiagnose to at maagapan ng mas maaga. at di na rin MAHAHAWA ang iba. It doesn't necessarily mean you can't enroll. If you will not be allowed to enroll due to your illness that's now what we call a deprivation of our right to education.

Let's take this policy as a precaution. Not a threat.

Let's be OPEN-MINDED because that the real sense of our schooling.
"Followership is a discipline of supporting leaders and
helping them to
lead well. It is not submission, but the wise and good care of
leaders, done
out of a sense of gratitude for their willingness to take on the
responsibilities of leadership, and a sense of hope and faith in their
and potential.”

— Reverend Paul Beedle

Monday, 10 May 2010

The new Building

University of caloocan city new building in camarin

University of caloocan city new building in camarin

University of caloocan city new building in camarin

University of caloocan city new building in camarin

Monday, 3 May 2010

RECORDS & Management Handout

Records Management 000
..I just wanna share this HANDOUT for the topic RECORDS MANAGEMENT on our OFFICE PROCEDURES subject.