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Psych Majors' Grand Reunion!

This is another Post I copied from UCC Friendster Group

Group Announcement Detail
New Announcement
From: lanch
Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Subject: UCC A.B Psychology Grand Reunion (batch 1999-2009)


Message: Please feel free to contact Amillany Miranda
0929-6302851 and Paula
Acuña at 0916-3456796 for any queries and confirmation. We will be
having a meeting on February 6, 2010 at 4:00 pm (venue to be
announced). Looking forward for a grand reunion with all you guys.

University of Caloocan City BS Psychology, grand reunion, University of Caloocan City, Camarin, Uccian website, UCC Pictures, students, BS Psychology

Part-time Jobs

I found this announceent on Friendster UCC Group

Group Announcement Detail
New Announcement
From: m-e-L-o-
Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Subject: Sa nghahanap ng trabaho,hiring samen..PLEASE READ..
Message: Gusto mo ng part time job??

kumita kahit nag.tatrabaho o nag.aaral.

Contact no: MR.Carmelo Orpilla.

try mu..
tutulungan k namen.
gt/Please pass.
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My Signature

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From now on I'll be using a signature for my posts!! Wala lang..gusto ko lang para may art!! hehehe. MS. Mai Nipin ibig sabihin mainipin as in impatient.

.logic book for SALE!!

Hello guys!! I am selling my 'Introduction to Logic' book!! The cover is yellow & green I forgot the author's name. Anyway I'll update this later to post a pic & the author's name. Ginamit namin yun sa lOgic subject namin nung first year first sem. Prof. namin nun si Sir Fietas>

By the's only for 70.00 pesos. Wala na pong tawad!

locis book for sale, University of Caloocan City, Introduction to Logic book, Claoocan City, Camarin, BS Psychology, blog

Kapag ikaw ay na INC (incomplete) sa NSTP

UCCian, NSTP incomplete, Camrain Cloocan City, ipaglaban ang karapatan bilang estudyante,

Just this morning, before I had my 2-hour travel to my workplace in Ortigas we (the INC - incomplete in NSTP in our first year) met our university registrar to discuss matters & settle things out. We have to fix it as early as possible to avoid hassle on our 4th year. It might be a reason not to graduate so it's better to do it now although we still have a year.

We had taken all the tests & paid the necessary dues but to no avail. A big INC was written in our records in the registrar. Nakakainis talaga!! sobra. Pagkatapos naming mag-field trip, maglinis, mapakain ng mga bata, mag community service ito lang ang aabutin namin?? Shaks..badtriiiip talagah!! So we reenrolled the subject & looked for the said professor (clue: malaki ilong niya at baldi as in matigas na 'di' sa halip na 'balde') to settle things out. Panibagong gastos na naman.

Napagkasunduan na gawa na lang kami ng project sa halip na regularly umattend pa sa mga klase niya. Ang requirement?? wait baka mabigla ka...masyadong related sa subject eh...dalawang glass mirrors para sa table nila/niya. So we thought at first that we got the best bargain. Pero nung nag-check kami ng price ng glass...susmaryosep...2,000 pesos???? Eh walo lang kami so magkanu papatak yun??? gosh halos abot na sa binabayaran kong tuition fee!!!! so kinausap namin siya uli..wala. Absent daw.

Buti na lang napagalaman namin mula sa isang concerned professor na di pala ganun a ng sistema pag nireenroll mo ang NSTP. Kahit pala magawa namin ang project it will just be useless kasi di yun valid. Dadaan na pala dapat sa University registrar. Siya na pala dapat ang magsettle at di kung ano anong pa project ng ibang corrupt na prof.

So there.... nakahinga kami ng maluwag.... bibili na lang kami ng NSTP book, sasagutan ang mga worksheets dun at magpass ng fieldtrip pics namin to prove that we indeed joined the required field trip.

Buti naman naayos ng matiwasay at legal ang lahat!

Kaya sa mga UCCian jan na masasangkot sa gusot na inabot namin better be careful . Wag magpakatanga. Open your eyes & mind. Nag-aaral tayo para matuto. Kung ganyang magpapauto tayo anong silbi ng pinag-aralan natin??

Pangit na nga 'physically' ang school natin papapangitin pa ba natin pati intellectual image nito??

...I'd like to thank the 'concerned professor' who constantly opens our eyes and makes us realize what we can do!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

UCC - University of Commission & Collection??

University of Caloocan City
University of Commission & Collection????
One of my professors mentioned that she had heard a complain in an am radio station DZMM I think (not really sure about the station's name) by a UCCian. "He/she" (the caller) called the UCC as such & I don't know if this news came to the administration.

CHED to HEI: Allow students with arrears to take exam

estudyante, Philippines, tution fees, CHED, CHED to HEI: Allow students with arrears to take exam, Schools ordered to allow students to take exams despite unpaid fees, University of Caloocan City, Camarin, Caloocan City

Photo Credit:

Na-experience mo na ba ang di pagtakin ng test kasi di ka pa bayad sa tuition mo?? pahirap no?? Well..ngayon hindi na dahil pwede ka na magmidterm o finals kahit di ka pa fully paid. Iyan ay ayon sa CHED memorandum.

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) issued Tuesday a memorandum ordering higher education institutions (HEIs) to allow students to take school examinations regardless of unpaid fees.

CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) 02 series of 2010 directed all colleges and universities to be flexible in the implementation of the “no permit, no exam” policy which was earlier criticized by various student groups.

“This is also in accordance with the pertinent provision of the 1987 Constitution and RA 7722 and for the purpose of ensuring the accessibility and affordability of quality higher education, and also in view of the unabated economic crisis brought about by circumstances worldwide as well as the recent calamities that the country has faced in the last year,” Angeles said in his order.

“In view of the ongoing premises, all concerned HEI’s are hereby requested to extend all possible assistance to students with outstanding balances in tuition and other fees due to financial difficulties. They shall extend utmost flexibility in the implementation of the no permit, no exam policy they are adopting, if any, and any such policies that prohibit students from taking their periodic or final exams due to unpaid school accounts,” Angeles added.

Ako bilang estudyante ay sumasangayon dito. Kasi naman mageexam lang di pwede?? Pwede ka naman nilang harangin kapag kukuha ka na ng requirements o kung anu man. Pag di nakapag-exam mas mapapgastos ang estudyante dahil may special exam fee at kung ano ano pang make up projects ang ibibigay ng prof. E di lalong naghirap si pobreng estudyante?? At last the government is doing something to uplift the situation of poor students.

Pero di lang kabutihan ang maidudulot nito. Ayon sa coolbuster blog na binabasa ko:

1. The directive itself is debatable. It says: "...all concerned HEIs are hereby requested to extend all possible assistance to students with outstanding balances in tuition and other fees due to financial difficulties." Note the highlighted word "requested" which means that it is not compulsory and that compliance by the HEI's might be discretionary. Dr. Emmanuel Angeles, CHEd chairman, was quoted as saying "we are urging all 1,781 HEIs to comply with the memo. Again, notice the word in bold letters. It should have been 'directing' or 'ordering' to give the memo sharper teeth. However, CHEd may be exercising its innate persuasive power which means that there's no violation but watch out if you don't follow.

2. It will possibly encourage laziness on the part of the parents. We don't generalize but there is a possibility that some of them will take their school obligation for granted because the memo allows the students to take the exams even if they have arrears.

3. The worst case scenario is that, it can possibly lead to the closure of some colleges (even universities) with not so good financial capabilities to sustain. What will happen to the salaries of their admins, non-teaching staff and the faculty if tuition fee payments are delayed? What about the schools' tax requirements, utility bills and other daily operating expenses?

Oo nga naman. May point kaya lang sana tayong mga estudyante at magulang ay wag mastadong umabuso. Para di naman malugi ang university.Mas lalo tayong mahihirapan pag nagka ganun. Ikaw?? ano sa tingin mo??

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Promotional Video about UCC

This is another promotional video about UCC> Hope you like it! Video Credit goes to
ricjhay of youtube

CUBE -- Center for UCCs' Best Entertainers

I found this on youtube & I'd like to share this to my fellow UCCians. Video credit goes to nicnice03 on youtube.
This was held at bulwagang katipunan, caloocan city hall last december 2008
University of Caloocan City Center for UUCs' Best Entertainers Presents

Christmas Reunion
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Monday, 25 January 2010 troupe concert..

Last Saturday Jan. 23, 2009 - the afternoon classes were suspended including ours. It's for the reason that everybody's been encouraged or 'required' to watch the UCC Dance Troupe's concert. The title was "A TRIBUTE" --- I don't know what happened over there coz I made sure to compensate for my lack of sleep at that time. It was held in Camarin HS covered court at 6 pm.

.just updates.

It's too bad I'm already late in the women's volleyball players' registration. I didn't know the schedule so no chance anymore to have fun in intrams. huhu T.T - I guess I'll be just cheering for my collegemates on February. I'll just be in the bleachers...
by the way the singing contest in UCC I mentined in the previous blog is entitled: UCC Singing Idol.
I found this post in VOC TECH saying:
UCC - Camarin
Over-all 3rd placer
I took a picture of it but I can't post the pic here since it's it's taken by my not accessible phone.

Friday, 22 January 2010

UCCian graces TV 5’s “Talentadong Pinoy”

This is the original article CJ and I wrote about MAPE. This was later edited & got piblished in The Crossroads

UCCian graces “Talentadong Pinoy”

An exceptionally talented AB Math UCCian just brought home the bacon from TV 5’s “Talentadong Pinoy”, a reality talent show with no limits, where truly entertaining can survive the panel of judges plus the ‘audience jury’.

This newly pride of UCC is no other than Reynaldo L. Mape Jr. ,a 20-year old AB Math student from Camarin & a resident of Bagong Silang Caloocan City.

His winning performance was done along with his 8-year old brother Reymil. He showcased his cunning maneuver of Rubik’s cube along with playing the yoyo. The judges & its host, Ryan Agoncillo was so amazed that they even asked for some lessons.

His winning is composed of 5o, 000 pesos & a chance to be exposed on some GMA shows namely; “Unang Hirit” & “Lovely Day”(not yet shown). He gave a humble “maybe” when asked if he would go for showbiz if ever offers would come.

He is such a restless achiever. He has mentioned in the lunch interview held last November 14 that he consistently endeavors novel & unusual talents. “ Dapat bawat araw may magagawa akong bago” he mentioned with his thrilled eyes longing to unveil some more talents & skills through his seemingly frail physique.

A true talented young man, he also knows how to play the piano which he learned at the age of six, and learned other musical instruments since then. Among these are the xylophone, guitar, violin and others. He became a virtuoso despite the fact that his right ear became deaf because of an ear infection. He had uncovered these skills & talents with only limited resources. He used to borrow instruments & try to figure it out by himself. According to this guy who was raised in far away suburbs of Cagayan, resources are just secondary factors in attaining success. It’s the determination to achieve something that matters. He is indeed a “talentadong pinoy”!

The show is not only his arena. He has also spread his wings on other competitions & proved to everybody especially to those who scorned him that adversity is not a hindrance to attain something. He has competed in international & local Rubik’s cube competition such as Rubik’s cube Philippine open 2008 wherein he ranked 2nd in 3x3x3 blindfold category & 6th in 3x3x3 multi blindfolded category amongst hundreds of other aspirants.

His most recently learned talents are playing astrojax (a string with 3 weights) and dice stacking. The truly remarkable thing is that he is practicing these talents with borrowed or improvised equipments.

On an interview, he said that he will use different talents each episode in order to maintain the judges’ interest. He is currently re-practicing his talents, quoting “Kung may talent ka, dapat maya-maya daanan mo rin kasi baka mamaya magtampo yun”.

Mape now aspires to be a defending champion 5 times in a row, a feat that will earn him the title of being the first champion to do this competition.

2010 Intramurals

...malapit na ang no. Im not talkin' about the valentines day. (bitterness ng single..heheh) ....malapit na ang INTRAMURALS!!!! yehey!!! excited na ako! sana weekend ganapin ang mga games para makasali ako,.....

sa volleyball women's ang College of Liberal Arts ay nagkaroon na ng try outs last Tuesday Jan. 19. I don't have any idea what happened...sana makahabol pa ako..kahit di naman talaga ako magaling...saling pusa lang. Gusto ko talaga maexperience ang team games & team spirit eh...

just like last year este last time pala.......ang INTRAMS kasi sa UCC ay di every year ginaganap. It's biennial--meaning once in 2 years..

nagflashback....nung first year ako sumali ako sa women's volleyball team..and I'm proud to say na champion kami. STRAIGHT WIN!! wala kami nun ni isang talo.

sa over-all naman 1st runner up lang ang WHITE team o Liberal Arts Team. Over all champion nun ang YELLOW team (ang buisiness majors) from VOCTECH!

I'm really lookin' forward to this season's event. Hope it's worth the wait.

so yung may mga kakayahan diyan at naniniwala sa kakayahan na yun join na kayo & be an asset to your College Department!

sa mga nag-aakalang bias to..senxa di ko lang talaga alam ang sa ibang college departments at majors. kaya kung sakaling nababasa mo to at tingin mo your course/major/college/department deserve to be known just msg me in my chat box, do mention your email/contact number. You can be a contributor here. You are so welcome!!

kung sakaling magkar0on ako ng oras I'll try to put here the winners & maybe some pics na rin!!

Psychology Seminar di natuloy

Sa Psychology department magkakaroon daw kami ng seminar for 3 days (uwian) worth 600 pesos kaso di natuloy. Buti naman. Ang mahal naman ng seminar na yan for 600 pesos?? poor lang kaya kami!!
Halos kasing mahal na ng tution ng scheme 1 diba???

Singing Contest in UCC

I heard somethin' around the campus and I wanna share it.

magkakar0on daw ng parang singing contest sa UCC. The prize will be 10,000 pesos. That's according to my professor. So let's reveal the singer in us & showcase our talents...

kayo lang pala..wala pala ako nun sabi ng nanay ko..hehheh


Thursday, 14 January 2010

Government Assistance to Poor but Deserving Students

estudyante, scholarships para sa pilipino at UCCian, mag-aral, poor students

estudyante, scholarships para sa pilipino at UCCian, mag-aral, poor students

Photo Credit:

For those UCCians who want to purseu their studies but without sufficient fund then this is a good news! ( i think not a good news anyore for this has been known for several years. I am just simply reminding you guys about this)

It's the STUDY NOW PAY LATER PROGRAM of CHED or Commission on Higher Education. I find it selfish of me if I will not share this to my fellow UCCians. I know how we struggle to survive, pass our tests, & sometimes go to school without baon. So I hope this could help you guys.

Below is the APPLICATION form. You can download it from here by clicking download on the screen or in CHED website.
OSS-Scholarship Data Form

This is an educational program of the government designed to
promote democratization of access to educational opportunities in the tertiary
level to poor but deserving students through financial assistance in the form of
an educational loan. It is a scheme providing loan or credit to poor but
deserving students who are enrolled in priority courses in selected higher
education institutions. This special fund is used to finance loans to cover
matriculation and other school fees and expenses for books, subsistence, and
board and lodging.



1. R.A. 8545 amending R.A. 6728


Deserving College Students


Selected Private HEIs


Priority Courses


1. Filipino citizen
2. Currently enrolled or intend to enroll in
any of the CHED-priority courses
3. Not more than 30 years of age at the
time the application for loan
4. With 75 percentile rank or above in the
National Secondary Achievement Test (NSAT)
5. Have a weighted average of 2.5
or higher in the last semester in college, if attended any
6. With
parents/guardians having a gross annual income of not more than P150,000.00
7. Not presently enjoying any scholarship or study grant


1. Latest BIR Income Tax Return (ITR) of
applicant’s parents/ guardians
2. High School Report Card (Form 138), for
incoming freshmen
3. Official enrollment certificate and statement of
accounts for those with college units
4. Official report of ratings or
certificate of grades for the last semester attended issued by the school
registrar or dean, with an average of not lower than 2.5 for those with college
units, and
5. Certification of guarantee of loan by a GSIS/SSS member


1. Secure application form
from the College Registrar of a private HEIs authorized by CHED to administer
the SNPLP or from the CHED Regional Office, and
2. Submit the accomplished
form together with the required documents to the Registrar’s Office
3. Wait
for the notice form the CHED Regional Office if accepted or not to the program


A maximum loan of P 7,250.00 per
semester to cover tuition and other school fees

Civil Service Exam 2010

civil service exam, tests, Philippines, students,Civil Service Exam 2010 Philippines

The schedule for the 2010 CSE hasn't been formally decided yet but I am certain that the first test will be given at around March. I am really anticipating for this coz I'm planning to take the said test & pass it.

I wish I'll pass it on my first take. I don't wanna retake. Oh God Help Me Please!

The guidelines, requirements & some other information necessary about it is listed below from
Forms are available on their website so you can just download it from there.
Here's a copy I have obtained: (You can download it from HERE - just click the DOWNLOAD on the screen then save to your hadr drive)

• Career Service
Professional and Sub-professional examinations are open to applicants regardless
of educational attainment.
• Applicants for both levels must:
– Be
Filipino citizens, at least 18 years old, and of good moral character;

Have no criminal record or have not been convicted by final judgment of an
offense or crime involving moral turpitude;

– Have not been dishonorably
discharged from military service or dismissed for cause from any civilian
position in the government; and

– Have not taken the same level of
career service examination within three (3) months from last examination taken,
or for those who have repeatedly failed, have not failed the same level of
examination for four times since October 2002.

The Career Service Examination (Professional and Sub-Professional
levels) may be taken through either of the following modes:

1. Paper and
Pencil Test (PPT)
The CSE-PPT is conducted nationwide thrice a year. Filing
of applications for the CSE-PPT is through the CSC Regional or Field Offices.
Applicants are advised to refer to the Examination Announcement, which the
CSC officially issues for each schedule of the CSE-PPT.
2. Computer Assisted
Test (CAT)
The CSE-CAT is conducted in Civil Service Commission Central
Office (CSCCO), IBP Road, Batasan Hills, Quezon City, and in selected CSC
Regional Offices (CSCRO) such as CSC-CAR, Baguio City. For the schedule of
conduct of CSE-CAT, applicants are advised to coordinate/get in touch with the
CSCCO, or the concerned CSCRO. Please visit the CSC website for
the directory of CSC Central and Regional Offices.
1. Properly accomplished application form (CS Form No. 100,
Revised 2008);
2. Four (4) copies of identical I.D. pictures with
specifications, as follows:
a. 1.5" x 2" (Passport size)
b. Colored or
c. Printed on quality photo paper
d. Must show the
subject applicant in standard close-up shot (from shoulder level up)
e. With
full name tag
– The name tag must show the applicant's First Name, Middle
Initial, Last Name, and Extension Name (if any).

– The name tag should
not be computer-generated, meaning, the applicant should have his/her picture
taken while holding his/her name tag.

f. Taken within the last three
months prior to filing of application

Note: The following pictures are
NOT accepted:

– Scanned, computer-enhanced, photocopied, and cut-out

– Pictures showing subject applicant not in close-up shot
(lower than shoulder level);

– Pictures with incomplete and/or
computer-generated name tag; and

– Pictures without name tag.

Original and photocopy of any valid I.D. card with name, picture and signature
of the applicant, and name and signature of the issuing officer (i.e. Driver's
License, BIR ID, GSIS/SSS ID, Postal ID, Voter's ID, current Office/School ID,
or valid Passport); and
4. Examination fee of P350 for the Paper and Pencil
Test (PPT), or P400 for Computer Assisted Test (CAT).
• Application forms may be secured from any CSC
Regional or Field Office, or downloaded from the CSC website
• For the CSE-PPT, applications must be filed at any CSC Regional or Field
Office. The CSC Central Office in Batasan Hills, Quezon City, does not accept
and process applications for CSE-PPT.
Deadline for filing of applications is
usually one month before the scheduled date of examination.
• For the
CSE-CAT, applications must be filed at the CSC Central Office, or at the
concerned CSC Regional Office.
• As a general rule, acceptance of
examination applications for both CSE-PPT and CSE-CAT is on a first-come,
first-served basis. Failure to come on the scheduled examination date would mean
forfeiture of examination slot and fee. No request for re-scheduling is allowed.
(Based on CSC
Resolution No. 021279 dated Oct. 7, 2002)
• Taking the Career Service
Professional and Sub-professional examinations via paper and pencil test (PPT)
or computer assisted test (CAT) shall be once in three months and up to four
times only.
• An examinee failing on the 4th attempt can apply for the same
level of the career service examination only after two years from the date of
the 4th examination taken.

In English and Filipino: vocabulary, grammar and correct usage,
paragraph organization, reading comprehension, analogy, logic, and numerical
Subprofessional Level
In English and Filipino: vocabulary,
grammar and correct usage, paragraph organization, reading comprehension,
clerical operations, and numerical reasoning.
Both levels of the examination
will have general information questions on Philippine Constitution; Code of
Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees (R. A. 6713);
peace and human rights issues and concepts; and environment management and
G. PASSING RATE: Eighty (80)

Results of the CSE-PPT are usually released from three to
four months after the examination. The names of passed examinees shall be posted
at the CSC website
Those who passed the examination must
personally claim their Certificates of Eligibility at the CSC Regional
Office/Field Office upon presentation of required documents. On the other hand,
those who failed the examination may secure a copy of their Report of Rating
through the CSC website. No Report of Rating shall be mailed to those who
failed. To secure a copy of the Report of Rating, an examinee must key in
his/her name, date of birth, examinee number, examination date, and examination
type. Thus, examinees are advised to safe keep or remember their examinee number
until receipt of the examination result.
Results of the
CSE-CAT are usually released within two to three hours after the examination.
Examinees are strongly advised to wait for the examination results. Those who
passed shall receive their Certificate of Eligibility, while those who failed
shall receive their Report of Rating. Should an examinee fail to claim/receive
his/her examination result on the examination day, he/she has to personally
return at a later date to claim either his/her Certificate of Eligibility or
Report of Rating.
The names of passed CSE-CAT examinees shall be posted at
the CSC website.
Meanwhile, a copy of the Report of Rating of failed
examinees may also be secured through the CSC website. To secure a copy of the
Report of Rating, an examinee must key in his/her name, date of birth, examinee
number, examination date, and examination type.