Saturday, 26 March 2011

'Gems' From Facebook!

hey hey hey guys! What's up?

Anyway, I'm so excited to post these few treasures I've found from
an AB Eg student named Renuel Fallore's facebook album.

Tell me what you think about them on the comment box below.

If you ask my opinion I must say these are really awesome pictures! AB Eng students are really quite talented in different areas. Haisst this is my frustration. I wish I can take pictures like his too.

"I'm not alone. I'm just in Solitude"

When studying gets tough we need tougher support.



This is a phase of every college students' life.

The Flag.

The shaded pathway in front.

These give me different feeling about UCC.

"Life is like photos. Your perception of it depends on what angle & point you view it. "

So what do you think?

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Pscyh 2011 Seniors' Retreat

Last March 2-3 2011 the BS Psychology seniors/graduating students of both main & Camarin campuses held their retreat at Caliraya REsorts in Laguna. It was an awesome place. I think the amount we paid was all worthy. Sulit na sulit kumbaga. We stayed there for 2 days & one night. It was really memorable that I think all the pictures we had are all THE BEST. I will surely go back to that place. By the way, aside from the retreat we also had our final defense for our thesis. I can't say more words about it since I think words are not enough to describe this let me just share some pictures.

here they are:

[when we were about to swim. When we woke up that morning the sun was greeting us with a very sweet Hello. Everything was green & very idyllic]

[This was taken when we just arrived at the resort. We were preparing to get settled on o ur designated rooms]

[about to go home. Prof. Carl Dellomos in the middle. parang classmate lang namin.hanapin mo na lang siya diyan]

[take 2]

[The part of the retreat where we read the letters given to us]

[Prof. Rhod Dantay during the retreat]

[ang rancho]

Monday, 14 March 2011

A Message to The New Crossroads!

Dear 'The New Crossroads',

Madami po akong suggestions na sana'y bigyan niyo ng pansin. Dito ko na lang po ipapadaan kasi lagi namang sarado ang bagong gawa niyong OFFICE.

Malaki ang pangangailangan sa impormasyon di lamang ng mga estudyante ng UCC pati na rin ang mga nagnanais na maging UCCian. Since kayo naman po ang tinig at palahaw ng bawat yusisista bakit di po niyo gawin ang inyong papel? Speaking of papel...well it's been a long-standing tradition for our school publication to release newsmags and a literary folio every school year. I really appreciate that. Pero dahil sa super late po ang release ng mga ito..kadalasan e di na timely ang balita o article. Matagal ng lumamig ang balita bago pa po ito mapasakamay ng mga estudyante. Ang suhestiyon ko po para dito ay ang paggamit ng mga bagong makinarya like a website. We all know na may bayad po yun so why not resort to blogging sites? There you can post pictures & videos in real time. Nakikita ko po sa FACEBOOK ang mga nakakatuwang video posts ng AB Eng students ng was entertaining & really fun to watch. Sobrang dami pong advantages. It's timely, cheap & easy to publish/update. Alam ko po that some of the people in your org might have already thought about I hope you consider it. Maging active po sana kayo!! Sana kahit papano e magkaroon ng katuparan ito. Ito na lang siguro ang maiiwan ko sa UCC. I'm not sure if I will grdaute this coming April but if that happens I won't be able to update this site anymore. So I guess mas lalong mangangapa ang mga estudyante.

Ang concerned student ng Camarin,
~Mai Nipin

The New Crossroads Editorial Board & Staff

'The New Crossroads" Editorial Board

Editor in Chief: Aljon S. Bonifacio

Associate Editor: Kriz Geneva C. Dianela

Managing Editor: Jestonie C. Santos

Assistant Managing Editor: Ricardo A. Roman


News Editors: Main - Christine B. Lacura

Camarin - Angelyn S. Cureg

Literary Editors: Main - Justine Charlemagne P. Bautista

Camarin - Renuel A. Fallore

Feature Editors: Main - Rennilyn A. FLores

Camarin - Catherine C. Belen

Sports Editors: Main - Elise Faye D. Balangot

Camarin - Arlene C. Antang

Photojournalists: Main - Kevin B. Arañez

Camarin - Abegail E. Mangliit

Visual Artists: Main - Jestonie C. Santos

Camarin - Efren B. Belleza

Layout Director: Aljon S. Bonifacio



Jessi Joy V. Estorba

Ivy Dianne M. Ramos


Arnel Y. Cama

Alvin Jay Palomas

Roland B. Pareño

Secretary: Christine B. Lacura

Technical Adviser: Elisea A. Lazo, Ph. D.

A Letter from a Proud UCCian!

Isang dating (siguro) kaeskwela ang nagpost sa blog na ginawa ko sa WORDPRESS.
He narrated the hardships, discrimination & triumph he experienced in searching
a job after graduation as a UCC alumnus. Seen below is his mail. Let's read
it & be amazed.

Note: The mail you are about to read had been edited for
some grammatical errors but still cont
ains the same meaning.

"I am Red, an irregular BS Crim student. I would like to share my success as
a UCCian. I've been working at Manila Ocean Park for almost 2 years now.
Inspite having too many competitors in applying as an In-house Marshal, we still
managed to be one of those 250 successful aspirants applying for the said position
together w/ my classmate Vrian Alegarbes. And I still remember that one of panels who
interviewed us asked me if what school I've attended. I said from the University
Caloocan City, and she replied, "Ahm ok, never heared ha", and just laughed
in front of me. I told them that it's not the name that counts, its the knowledge we
learned in our beloved institution.
"Why dont you just try us, to believe us?".

So far, we are 3 UCCians in a 6-man roster of Manila Ocean Park In-house
Marshal and I am playing one of the most vital roles in Security Operations as a CCTV
and Radio Base Operator which is the so called the HEART and SOUL of the entire
operations, while my 2 fellow UCCian's (both of them are my classmates) are
those who do the Daily Security Report (Day/Night Shift)
that is passed on to the TOP official of the Company. Sharing this story is a
motivation and encouragement to my fellow UCCians to be proud and also to raise the
flag of our beloved institution, University of Caloocan City. Hope it will be
posted on our school journal, thanx and god bless."

My Message to RED:

Hi Red,

I hope you don't mind me editing or giving your letter a little touch. I hope your
wish is fulfilled even though this is not the official school journal. Thank you so
much for sharing your story.Good luck to your future endeavors! Make us all proud^^

Yours sincerely,

Mai Nipin


By the way guys..if you ever want to share inspiring stories about your struggle whether you are an
alumnus, a student or professor please do send
it to my email: We appreciate
it so much!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Evolution of the Crossroads Covers

Volume XIV No.2

The latest. June-Aug 2010

2011 Civil Service Exams Schedule

2011 Career Service Professional & Sub-professional Examination(Paper & Pencil Test)
DATE OF FILING OF APPLICATION: February 21, 2011 to April 7, 2011

For more info click HERE.

or visit the official website of the CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION here.

Friday, 11 March 2011

The Latest "The new Crossroads" NewsMag[?]

You know, I've been visiting The Crossroads office in Camarin to claim my copy but to no avail until last week. With the help of Kriz Dianela at last I was able to claim my copy of 'The Crossroads' newsmag.

I just had this last week although this is for June-August 2010 Issue!
kakaloka no?

How about you? Nakuha mo na ba ang copy mo na bimayaran mo ng 40.00?


1. P Noy Inauguration by Angelyn S. Cureg

2. Echeverri Nice Day: Echiverri Won Again by the EIC

3. OMB Holds JGU Orientation-Seminar by Angelyn S. Cureg

4. A Binyag Psych Tradition -- Psych Soc Holds PSYCH akO by Kriz Geneva Dianela

5. UCC Library Undergoes Continuous Progress by Ronald Pareño

6. RF Refined by Abegail E. Mangliit

7. The Jejemon Phenomenon by Renuel Fallore

8. The Cockroach's Alibi by Justine Charlemagne P. Bautista

9. The Gaga Code: Is Lady Gaga really a Satan's Puppet? by Kevin Arañez

10. Music and Lyrics by Catherine Joy C. Belen

11. Valued Values: Are you one of them? by Elise Faye D. Balagot

12. For a Lazy Reader Like you by Alvin Jay Palomas

13. Major Major Merriment by Kriz Geneva C. Dianela

14. Dance your Hearts Out by Catherine Joy C. Belen

15. Anna "The Hurricane" Julaton Smashes the Ring by Arlene C. Antang

16. UCC Dribblers on a Friendly Game by Arlene C. Antang


I haven't read everything so my comments will be limited to the pages and the obvious grammar lapses in some articles. First thing I noticed when I got hold of the copy was that it became thinner. Before there were 20 pages, then the next issue it became 16 then the latest issue only has 12 pages. So are we going to have an 8-paged news mag next?

So guys if you're ever curious about the contents of each article try your luck. Go visit the 'The Crossroads" office both in Main and Camarin campuses.See it for yourself.