Friday, 27 May 2011

UCC Almni Org. Inc. New Set of Officers

Last January 23, 2011, an alumni Assembly was held. Along with the 'kamustahans' was the election of new set of officers.

Set of Officers

President: Teodoro Macaraeg Jr. (2007)

V.Pres: Remar Caballero (2000)

Treasurer: Catherin Paa (2001)

Secretary: Noemi Jose (1997)

..and aside from the officers mentioned above, the newly elected president also chose representatives from different batches to reach out to all for the activities.

source: Ms. Noemi Jose's FB post.

For questions/comments/inquiries about the org. just visit the the UCC Alumni Org. Inc. official FB Group.

By the way, here's the Alumni Org.s logo.

UCC Alumni Org. inc ID!!

Good news to all alumnus/almuni!

The University of Caloocan City now has an official ID for members. You can get it for free once you have paid the membership fee of 100.00 pesos and available upon completion of an application form in the MIS office in Main campus.

photo credit: courtesy of UCC Alumni Organization Inc. FB Group

What could availing this ID offer?

ID holders can avail discounts with companies that the the org. will be negotiating with. (be posted about this by visiting the official UCC Alumni Organization Inc. FB Group.)

So to all graduates out there. Let's avail it na!