Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wanted: UCC Blog Contributors

Yes you read it right!

We are now LOOKING for passionate CONTRIBUTORS to this blog.


1. former or present student/faculty/professor of UCC.
2. active in the world wide web or the blogosphere (UCC FB Groups)
3. from different campuses (Main, Camarin, Tandang Sora, Voc Tech, Buena Park)
4. passionate enough to cover simple details around UCC
5. observant
6. not necessarily excellent in English.

7. hard-working enough to do little research


1. As you may know, this is a NON PROFIT blog so there is no financial compensation BUT just think how you can be able to help your fellow UCCians by your writings. You reach not just those from Caloocan but also from other parts of the country.

2. A chance to raise/share your observations/concerns/blabbering to other people concerned.

3. etc..

For interested parties...please fill up this form:





Contact Number:

Why do you want to be a CONTRIBUTOR in this BLOG?:

then SEND it to:


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