Friday, 16 July 2010

The Filipino Class That Was!

Last time...(no intention of revealing when) I attended for the first time this class under Prof. Cabanez for the subject 'Panitikan ng Pilipinas' in Recom Building with 2B BS Secondary Educ major in Bio or something that is similar to that.
As usual I was skeptical of whether there really was a need to study it..and honestly I felt my time would be wasted..
As I entered the room everybody was laughing out loud for something I was unfamiliar with.
So there was HE or should I say SHE(?)...entertaining the class with HER funny & witty remarks & gestures...immediately I had an idea what the class would look like. --- eeeehhh


Reporting went ON & I've never been ashamed of myself for being that WRONG & JUDGMENTAL!!
It was the BEST FILIPINO class I've ever had in my entire life. No exaggeration intended.
FUNNY & WITTY professor + realization on my roots + funny classmates + practical application of lesson = BEST FILIPINO CLASS!

and I'm glad to have found it here in UCC.



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