Monday, 19 July 2010

Advice To The Freshmen

....I've said it several times already through some previous posts but I want to say/write it again,..
you still have a long way to go...BUT I hope you know that whatever you are doing presently is making your FUTURE.
I'm talking about the academic activities you are presently engaging in..
COLLEGE is not all about's also about making social networks you will find useful in the FUTURE. SCHOOL LIFE has different facets that we have to explore. MERELY studying is dull I THINK. It would be much better if you join EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES. There are a lot in UCC.
I'm not saying this because I am VERY fact I'm the opposite. I've never had much of those during my 3-year stay...due to my work commitments. That's why I ENVY those who have time. Those FULL TIME students.
Here are some REASONS WHY you should join extra curricular activities.
1. To make social networks. - other students, professors out-campus contacts.
2. The more activities & seminars you have engaged in the better your RESUME will look in the future, when you'll be looking for job. It's a great advantage trust me!
3. Various experiences whether good or bad make you a better person. SCHOOLING is not all about the theories, formulas, principles from the books but also about maturity, self-improvement,personality molding, DISCIPLINE, widening one's HORIZON, and many more.
I think the 3 enumerated reasons above sum it all up. Just pick up the smaller details from them .
Here are different extra curricular activities you might wanna join:
1. VARSITY = volleyball, badminton , darts, basketball, chess, taekwondo - this is for those who seek physical challenge.
I've tried the TRY OUTS for women's volleyball when I was a FRESHMAN. That time I was still dependent on my parents. Then,while doing the try outs, my ONLY PAIR of rubbber shoes were torn. It was beyond repair so I didn't bother to have it repaired. Since then I left my long time 'varsity dream'. I know it was a very shallow reason but more financial contraints overwhelmed me then so I had to give up if I wanna survive with my meager resources. So then if you have the passion, resources & time why not try it right?
2. ORGANIZATION Officers - Psych. Soc, GEMS, PASOA, ASLEA & etc.. = of course each course has their own orgs. Why not try to be an OFFICER? Some of us may not be endowed with the 'leadership skill' but as long as we are a good follower we'll do just fine. Gaining knowledge about different kinds of people prepares us for our FUTURE work environment. Believe me, once you have experienced being an'll think first before complaining about contributions, activities & all. it is not a joke. I silently admire those officers out there...who albeit the complaints of skeptical students still persevere. We don't know how much they sacrifice for that. So every single event I witness I always look for the officers' faces & congratulate them...(pabulong nga lang)
Just being the PRESIDENT of a class of 40 students is already a serious headache. How much more an organization? the whole school?
3. The Crossroads - for those who are passionate & qualified enough try it! It is fulfilling to be able to serve the studentry through your words & pieces.
4. STUDENT ASSISTANTS - we see them around campus. Sometimes we even mock them for simply our impatience...but as far as I can see...they are seriously taking their job. The duties assigned to them is a great source of wisdom! They can boast of it during JOB INTERVIEWS.
I have witnessed & even befriended some SA's like kuya Washington, Kuya Ramil before & now Renan of the library. I can see how much it helps them in different ways. The present library staff in Camarin..Renan & the other girls, they are very diligent in doing their duties. I often see the 3 'Renan's Angels'. The two are very approachable while the other one is always frowning. (nakabusangot)
5. The ROTC - for those who are brave enough!
They are easily recognized through their uniform haircuts & fierce looks. PEACE tayo mga kuya at ate. That's just my observation.hehe.
A GOOD DEAL of discipline can be achieved here.
aside from the above-mentioned, we can also attend various SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS in & out of the campus. Some are FREE some are NOT.
**** okay so I think this is all for now. To be updated if ever I came up with something again!
finished: 12:30 am - July 20, 2010.


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