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UCCian Literary

The following letter-type short story you are about to read was already published in one issue of the 'The Crossroads' news mag. I am just reposting this after I've been granted the permission to.

This is one work of art by a new generation of UCCians..sit back ! relax & feast your imagination with this 'uniquely' told love-story.

Thank you very much 'Mai Smmer' for this.

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Unopened Letter
Posted by mai summer on March 8, 2010 at
12:47 AM

"If I die tomorrow, will this song live on forever...

...and here is my...

July 26, 1999

Dear Serena,

How are you? I know that
when you read this letter, you’re already twenty-nine. That’s what we talked
about, right? It’s been nine years but the moment I have written this letter,
it’s been only months since we’ve seen each other. In those months, happy and
dull moments transpired. Let me help you to reminisce…

The day I
met you is very memorable. We didn’t know each other that day, yet, I was
already intimidated by you. At Kingsford East University, our story began.

We were at the same bench that day, only the two of us. You were in the
middle of a conversation on your phone and I thought you had a problem that
time. I was in the middle of reading Nicholas Sparks’ book when you suddenly
shouted, that signals the end of your argument. I looked at you, and then you
glared at me. Then, I brought myself back to my reading session. I was surprised
when you abruptly confronted me and snatched my book. You didn’t even introduce
yourself to me, remember? However, I still let you have it. I noticed that you
only looked at the cover and scanned the ending. You gave it back afterward. I,
puzzled, looked at you and continued reading.

You started to say
something. I didn’t know whom you’ve talked to, but I sure did notice that you
talked to someone. I just didn’t know if it was me because you were not looking
at me. I was annoyed when I realized that what you were telling was the plot of
the story I was reading. You didn’t even let me finish reading the book. I
didn’t let you finish what you were saying; pissed, I left you.

A week later, in our academy, I saw Eric. He was my schoolmate
back in high school. He didn’t know me but I surely know him. He became very
famous for winning the title “Prom King of the Night” in our Juniors and
Seniors’ Prom.

I introduced myself to him and asked what he was
doing in our campus. I thought that he has already graduated because he’s a year
older than me. He said that he was going to meet his girlfriend. I asked his
girlfriend’s name, thinking I might know her. He told me her name when you, out
of the blue, came in the middle of our conversation. You snatched his hand and
you two left. That was the time I have come to know your name.

My friends Rod, Shane, Sandy and I decided to build a band. Rod
plays drums; Shane plays the keyboard; Sandy for the bass and I for the lead.
That’s it. All set up but we found it hard to sing while playing guitars at the
same time. And so, the problem aroused. We needed a vocalist so we decided to
find someone who would fit in our criteria. We scattered leaflets and posters.
We were just an amateur band so there was no response and that was expected. We
decided not to pursue it anymore.

However, I have decided to
pursue my music career. I tried to join our campus’ chorale club. Fortunately, I
was accepted and was engaged to be in the club’s first performance. I was
surprised when our instructor introduced us to the former members and his
assistant, but my surprise was not for all of them, but for his assistant. What
a small world after all, a club’s member, our assistant instructor, and that
girl who annoyed me on the bench, is you – Serena Daughtry.

club’s first performance was very traumatic. Do you still remember the time when
our soloist was absent because of her illness on the performance day? We had no
choice but to have you as her replacement. I laughed at the idea because I never
heard you sing before and knowing your attitude, I doubted it that you will.

At first, I was really worried about our performance. With your
freaky, hell-raising attitude, you will only destroy it; but there was no other
option but to trust you.

The big night came and everything was
set. Everybody was nervous but you were the only person who’s noticeably damn
calm. The concert started solemnly.

Everybody did their part.
The dreaded part came and the part where you will be singing alone.

The stage darkened for a moment, and when the lights opened,
there you were, standing with that stunning black gown, with hair flowing as
dark as hell’s bottom. You started humming and you put everyone into tremor and
trance as you sang.

I was slack-jawed and mesmerized and was
thinking the whole time: “Where have you been hiding all along when we were
hunting down for the missing piece of our band?” Kidding aside, I never know
that hell will create an angelic appearance out of your fiendish attitude.

Standing ovation; I felt sorry for all the wrong judgments I’ve

On that same club, our friendship began. I still
remember the first time you opened up your problems to me. We were still not
that close, yet, you were at eased telling me your burdens. It was also the
first time I saw you cried. Mind you, you were so ugly when you cried. I didn’t
know what to do. It really broke my heart seeing a girl crying in front of me.
That time, my hankie was stinky because of the whole day sweat so I was hesitant
to lend it to you. I was about to offer you my shoulder but surprisingly, you
snatched me and hissed, “Don’t pity me and don’t look at me when I’m crying”.
And so, submissively, I let you cry. Do you still remember that you blew your
nose on my sleeve? It turned me off, but I still let you cried there even if I
was a little bit disgusted.

After that day, our treatment to one
another became different. I started to feel comfortable with you even if there
were still times that you annoyed me. You also started to feel the same way. I
guessed, we were already becoming the best of friends.

The most
romantic moment of our story was the time you asked me if I already experienced
kissing a girl. I told you that I didn’t because I never had a girlfriend yet.
Then, you asked me if I want to experience it. For Pete’s sake, yes of course!
But I told you that it wouldn’t be possible, not until I had a girlfriend. I was
astounded, really astounded on your reply. You told me that I could kiss you
that very moment. You reasoned out that I was your friend and you wanted me to
experience such thing that you had already experienced so you could discuss it
with me. You just asked me to promise one thing– not to fall in love with you. I
asked if you were serious and you said you were.

It was my first
time to kiss a girl, really, and I felt so nervous when I tried it with you. I
did smack you on the lips but you were disappointed afterward. Disgusted, you
asked me if that was a kiss. You closed your eyes again and wait for my second
chance. I trembled when I did it again. That time, a little bit longer.
Afterward, I couldn’t look at you for doing such thing. But I was surprised when
you sarcastically asked me again if that was my best. I didn’t think it was my
best, either, but I couldn’t help trembling back then.

I still
felt your disappointment. That time, I remembered the kissing scenes I’ve
watched on movies and my next move was far from what I could’ve ever imagined.

I pulled your body next to mine, and then held your nape. I became
aggressive and braver that time. The next kiss was the sweetest kiss I’ve ever
experienced– the longest and the most intimate.

After that, we
were both placed in silence. It was you who broke it.

You told
me that it was more intimate when you kissed the one you truly love. I just
whispered to myself, for you not to know, that I already did. I already did it
with you.

After that intimate moment, you always kept on insisting not
to fall in love with you. You asked me to make a promise. I told you that
falling for you was very impossible. Aside from being my best friend, you
weren’t my type of girl. It was very impossible to fall for you. How can I if I
already did? I already fell. However, just to make an excuse, I promised you
that if that happens, I wouldn’t let you know for you not to worry. I suddenly
realized that it was very important to you.

Days grew shorter
and I just noticed that the more the days unraveled, the heavier the feelings
weighed. I thought that keeping it was the hardest thing I did. Then, I came to
the point where I decided to tell you what I feel. I realized that since sooner
or later, you’ll come to know it; I’d better spill it out.

so, I did. It was on the same bench where we first met. Instead of being mad at
me, you told me that you weren’t surprised at all. You said that you already
felt it even before we kissed. However, you said that there was a deeper reason
why you warned me in the first place.

I, then, told you not to
worry. If it was only because of your boyfriend, there was no problem. I just
wanted to be true to you that was why I have told you what I really feel. I
didn’t have any intention to annoy or ruin your relationship with him. As your
friend, I understood that, and with you, I had enough.

It was
far from my imagination that you will also say you love me. It was absurd,
really. That was why I didn’t know what to say when you have said it. It was
like a song that we used to sing in our club. I thought that you were only
kidding but when I saw your tears, I realized that you were really serious.
Perhaps, that was the deeper reason you were referring to when you warned me. I
was so numb for not feeling it.

You couldn’t either tell me how it
happened or how it all began. You said that you really love Eric and that you
can’t deny it, but you couldn’t also deny that you love me. We were both
confused, but I saw it in your eyes that you were weighing the burdens more than
I do. You said that you didn’t want to lose the two of us, nor one of us. Eric
didn’t know the problem we were in so we kept it as our secret.

Remember the cave that had become our rendezvous? It is still
memorable to me. We used to go there in times when my father and I had an
argument. You used to cheer me up when I was down, right? In that same place, we
wrote our initials on the rocks.

Do you remember when we used to
talk about our death? We were both never afraid of that. You told me that you
wanted to die in severe illness; that everybody would pray for your survival
because they would never know how many days left you will survive. I told you,
then, that I wanted to die heroically. I said that I’d rather die donating my
heart or my vital organs for those in need than to commit suicide. I’d rather
die rescuing a puppy from a car accident than to die in bed. We both wanted to
be cremated. We used to sing our future funeral songs and laughed afterwards.

I also remember the time when you we went home from that cave
and you cried because your leg ached. You couldn’t walk anymore so I let you
ride on my back. On our way home, while I was telling you the synopsis of my
newest Nicholas Sparks’ book, you suddenly fell asleep. Watching you sleeping
really put me at peace. Your face was very calm as if nothing bothered you.
While you were sleeping, I wiped those tears in your eyes and whispered that I
love you. After I brought you home, my back really ached.

spread that we had a relationship (actually, it was not a rumor because we both
knew that it was true). We were both frightened that Eric might know it. He was,
then, under observation of his severe heart problem so you didn’t want him to be
surprised or to be depressed. You told me that you couldn’t bear it if you lost
him; that you would die if he died. That hit me so hard. And so, we decided to
end up our relationship.

Ending up was the saddest part of our
story. In that cave, we promised that after nine years, when we both
accomplished our own goals and we were still both single, we would marry each
other. I told you that on your 29th birthday, I will give you a letter for you
to remember our promise. We will go hiking and recall all our memories there.
You felt sorry for the relationship that we ended up. You cried and cried and
kept on saying sorry. I wiped you tears and told you, “Even if I wasn’t around,
you will always feel my heartbeat”. That’s how we parted our ways.

And that’s it. That is our story. Worth remembering, isn’t it? I
hope that even if nine years had already passed, you’ll still remember our
story, even just our last day together.

I wrote this letter two months
after we ended up. Your mother told me that you had gone abroad to meet Eric’s
parents. You’re going back after a month to bring Eric to his parents.

Serena, I know that the moment you are reading this, you’re already 29
years old, so I’d like to greet you a Happy Birthday. I may not give this letter
to you personally but I’ll be in your birthday, I swear. Always remember my
parting words. I wish you happiness my dear friend. Remember that I always love
you. You may not be mine or used to be mine, but I’m only yours. I love you
Serena. So long.

Sincerely yours,

P. Summer


I know that you
really love Eric so I hope that you’ll take care of him. Tomorrow, I’ll be
meeting him. I‘ll tell him that I’m going to give something for you through him.
Always remember my parting words: “Even if I wasn’t around, you will always feel
my heartbeat”. Take care.

...Unopened Letter..."

-Mai Summer


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