Monday, 24 May 2010

Enrollment Scene/Requirements for OLD Students

This morning (may 24, 2010) I went to UCC Camarin to ask for an ORDER of PAYMENT.
This is what greeted me!
the long queues as usual.
Actually I have expected this already..but I didn't expect the heat. I've just taken a bath before I departed but here ..while taking this pic..sweat was already flowing from my head to my spine...
di lang siya tumutulo..dumadaloy na din.

view from a food stall outside.
as you can see students seated in the bleachers (covered court)..they are the new applicants for the entrance exams.

Cross-out the number 5. It has been removed from the list.
For OLD students...the above mentioned are the REQUIREMNETS.
1. Registration FORM for the LAST semester you have attended (2nd sem 2009-2010)
2. School ID
3. Final Examination Permit
4. Adviser's Form - for those who don't know this..
this is the form from your department head indicating your grades foerthe previous semester. This is the basis for HOW MANY UNITS you'll take & if you are already APPROVED by your Dept. HEAD/ADVISER to enroll.
5. 3 pcs. 2x2 ID picture.
I haven't finished enrolling yet but this is what I can remember of those 3 years in UCC.
1. Go to your DEPT. HEAD/ ADVISER. Provide an ADVISER's FORM which you can buy from the REGISTRAR or in some cases you can have this from your DEPT. HEAD already
just like in our dept. (Psychology) our grades are already computed and summarized in a small computerized sheet of paper which costs 5.00.
. Fill it up with your grades. Have your Dept. Head verify & sign it.
2. Go to the ACCOUNTING OFFICE - ASK for an ORDER of Payment.
you must have:
ID, Final exam permit, Registration form & the ADVISER's FORM.
3. Go to the CITY HALL - fall in line in the counter that accepts TUITION payments.
PAY the REQUIRED amount in the ORDER of PAYMENT
4. Go back to UCC
Look for the paying area for
a. insurance fee (in the clinic)
b. Supreme Studnet Council Fee - (40.00-at the SSC office)
c. The Crossroads (I'm not sure if we have this now-)
d. Organization Fee (depends on your dept.)
be sure to ask for the RECEIPTS.
This number 4 is optional. If you want to do it earlier no problem. As long as you have your ID or Registration Form.
5. Go to the MIS - (Management Information System)
a. Tuition Fee Receipt
b. Tution Fee Receipt PHOTOCOPY
c. Adviser's Form
d. all the RECEIPTS (SSC, Crossroads,Insurance)
when you're done here you should have the 3-copy registration form pink, white & blue. (first year) and cardboard like reg form.
6. Have your REG FORM signed by an authorized person (eg.Dept. Head, Sir Reyes, studnet assistant)
7. Go to the registrar & have your NEW registration forms STAMPED 'ENROLLED' & get your class cards.
****CONGRATULATIONS! You are now an official student. Welcome to UCC!
hope this helps fellow UCCian. If you have any corrections to this..feel free to msg me on te chat box or the commnet space provided below.


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