Thursday, 27 May 2010

BEED LET Passers

Congratulations to the following BEED LET Passers.

1. Barrun, Joana Marie S.

2. Boñor, Josel U.

3. Borlaza, Ariel U.

4. Dimayuga, Marites B.

5. Dollete, Jennifer C.

6. Domingo, June Kristine G.

7. Escolar, Joy R.

8. Fajardo, Rosemarie D.

9. Gallardo, Mike Oliver

10. Garcia, Amgeli Queen C.

11. Lacdo-o, rachelle DT.

12. Nazareno, Mary Ann

13. Niverca, Kessy D.

14. Primne, Lanilyn O.

15. Ramos, Ana Margarita C.

16. Roldan, Joana Marie

17. Tindoy, Jessica

18. Toralba, Ma. Loren m.

19. Velicarla, Rose Ann


I saw this one in a tarpaulin posted in Camarin.

If ever the names are mispelled pls let me know. I wrote this down & I had a crappy handwriting.

you know!


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