Thursday, 20 May 2010

Enrollment Days in UCC

Londg queues are usual scenes in UCC during the month of May. The month of ENROLLMENT.

..students sweat...complain...fall in friends/classmates.

along with the hardship...we make sure to get something to relax for. That's where we now make "kupits"

student A: "nakamagkano ka?"

student B: secret. Tara SM tayo!

hahha..that's true..I'm sure a lot of us do that.
But not me.

Di ko pwedeng kupitan a ng sarili ko eh.

Fortunately that day WE were only scheduled to pay our ORG FEE (Psych Society-40.00 + adviser's form 5.00 = 45.00). And we're accomodated in an airconditioned room.

I got to meet some of my friends..and classmates.

This is the scene in the registrar.

there's Vheia..(GIB - gay in blue.badly wanted to be in the pic)'ll see parents waiting in line too.

my classsmates.
Soon...the classes wil start... are you READY for another CHALLENGE UCCian??

Are you ready to strut your new shoes, bags, and uniform??

then let's go!


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