Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Ano ba talaga? MERON ba o WALA? (X-Ray & Med Exam Issue)

I heard from text messages spreading..and posts in our FaceBook group that the X-Ray & Medical exam requirement before enrollment is now ceased.
WALA na DAW po!
This was verified by my friend. He called the registrar's office & Sir Reyes, the Camarin Campus OIC answered..he CONFIRMED it!
but then after few days the same friend txtd again saying the policy will likely or possibly be implemented still...but students CAN still ENROLL without it!
so all we have to do is to wait..& see!
this is really confusing! A lot of students have been complaining.
I will say it again...
There's nothing wrong with the POLICY itself..but it's the process & implementation of the POLICY. This creates confusion among students.
Hopefully this will be resolved and the STUDENTS will be informed FORMALLY!


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