Monday, 14 March 2011

A Letter from a Proud UCCian!

Isang dating (siguro) kaeskwela ang nagpost sa blog na ginawa ko sa WORDPRESS.
He narrated the hardships, discrimination & triumph he experienced in searching
a job after graduation as a UCC alumnus. Seen below is his mail. Let's read
it & be amazed.

Note: The mail you are about to read had been edited for
some grammatical errors but still cont
ains the same meaning.

"I am Red, an irregular BS Crim student. I would like to share my success as
a UCCian. I've been working at Manila Ocean Park for almost 2 years now.
Inspite having too many competitors in applying as an In-house Marshal, we still
managed to be one of those 250 successful aspirants applying for the said position
together w/ my classmate Vrian Alegarbes. And I still remember that one of panels who
interviewed us asked me if what school I've attended. I said from the University
Caloocan City, and she replied, "Ahm ok, never heared ha", and just laughed
in front of me. I told them that it's not the name that counts, its the knowledge we
learned in our beloved institution.
"Why dont you just try us, to believe us?".

So far, we are 3 UCCians in a 6-man roster of Manila Ocean Park In-house
Marshal and I am playing one of the most vital roles in Security Operations as a CCTV
and Radio Base Operator which is the so called the HEART and SOUL of the entire
operations, while my 2 fellow UCCian's (both of them are my classmates) are
those who do the Daily Security Report (Day/Night Shift)
that is passed on to the TOP official of the Company. Sharing this story is a
motivation and encouragement to my fellow UCCians to be proud and also to raise the
flag of our beloved institution, University of Caloocan City. Hope it will be
posted on our school journal, thanx and god bless."

My Message to RED:

Hi Red,

I hope you don't mind me editing or giving your letter a little touch. I hope your
wish is fulfilled even though this is not the official school journal. Thank you so
much for sharing your story.Good luck to your future endeavors! Make us all proud^^

Yours sincerely,

Mai Nipin


By the way guys..if you ever want to share inspiring stories about your struggle whether you are an
alumnus, a student or professor please do send
it to my email: We appreciate
it so much!


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