Saturday, 26 March 2011

'Gems' From Facebook!

hey hey hey guys! What's up?

Anyway, I'm so excited to post these few treasures I've found from
an AB Eg student named Renuel Fallore's facebook album.

Tell me what you think about them on the comment box below.

If you ask my opinion I must say these are really awesome pictures! AB Eng students are really quite talented in different areas. Haisst this is my frustration. I wish I can take pictures like his too.

"I'm not alone. I'm just in Solitude"

When studying gets tough we need tougher support.



This is a phase of every college students' life.

The Flag.

The shaded pathway in front.

These give me different feeling about UCC.

"Life is like photos. Your perception of it depends on what angle & point you view it. "

So what do you think?


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