Saturday, 5 February 2011

News: AB Eng's Play at UP Aldaba Hall

With the success of the previous play entitled
PAMANA ng MUSIKA of the CUBE members I can't help but anticipate this new production of 2nd year AB English students of Camarin entitled "ASSA MALEDICTUM". As I've mentioned in the previous post about it [Pamana ng Musika] , I couldn't believe that a university as small & as humble as hours could be capable of such production.

Now that that there is a new production in the works...I wish to support in any way I can.

I've heard a lot of buzz about this since a 'ka-facebook'/friend/PE classmate of mine named
Jozen frequently adds/posts pics about it. I got intrigued, interested & impressed at the same time. They sure look like having fun [on the rehearsal photos] but it's inevitable to notice that they experience hardships as well.

the official poster

Below are the

Thanks to Doc Lopez for the photos.

It's no joke. Di pa man nagaganap ang play I
CONGRATULATE them in advance na.

So UCCians let's watch & support our ABENg schoolmates!!


They had the 'critique's night last Feb. 8th in RB & the ticket costed

On MARCH 1st 2011 @ UP ALDABA HALL. The ticket costs 100.00. Some alumni will also be present as guest performers. These sophomore AB English students of UCC Camarin are under Maam Leigh Ann Perez' guidance & supervision!

For more info [schedule/ticket etc inquiries] please visit their page. [CLICK HERE]

Thanks to
Jozen Cristobal Calvez for the details.


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