Sunday, 20 February 2011


Honestly,though I think some ABEng majors might raise an eyebrow with this but at first I found it a bit ironic that the ABEngs had the simplest organization name -- GROUP OF ENGLISH MAJORS. I thought that they're the ones' supposed to be 'creative' & 'artistic'. But not so long ago I realized that the name just really suits them. GEMS --- as how they call themselves are indeed gems.... of UCC awaiting to be unearthed. Maybe now they're just a form of mineral but as time passes by I'm pretty sure they will take a CUT & POLISHED form, which will in turn become adornments. Adornments that will make us all proud.

GEMS logo.

GEMS Organization T-shirt
This looks fresh, comfy & eye-catching.Don't you agree?]
Thanks to
Jozen Cristobal Calvez for these pictures.

Well guys, their craft isn't only confined in making a logo & an org. shirt. It also extended in the theater & photography. One such example for these are the following pictures taken by

When there is no one to protect our rights"
~Marc Lumabi

When rights seem futile"
~ Mai Nipin

When the sun shines, ABEngs shine as well"

It's such a good thing that the photographer captured this moment. Such a bright day.
[I just really like the angle & lighting here]

The sun seething through"

[The water tank beside the Fil-Chi rooms.]

Fill me" said the tank.

The Leaky Pipes"

For THEATER well I think it's yours to judge by watching their
ASSA MALEDICTUM this coming March 1st. [for inquiries click HERE]


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