Saturday, 12 February 2011

October 2010 Civil Service Exam Sub-pro 7th Placer is a UCCian!!

PRECIOUS M. PAGLINAWAN whose picture is shown below [BSOAD 3A] got the coveted 7th place in the recently concluded CIVIL SERVICE exam sub-professional level!

I think this picture was taken at the main entrance of UCC Camarin

photo credit:
Josh Casa

Congratulations a million times to her & to the faculty staff behind honing her into who she is now!!

Wow wow wow!! Posting these kinds of news about our fellow students' and alumnus' achievement never makes me tired. The
UCCian Pride list continues......
..and on..

Do you want to be included?


Anonymous said...

we so proud of u!!!..uccian mabuhay!!!..:-)

Anonymous said...

im so proud na graduate ako dito! Go Poly! ah este UCC!!! haha.. kip it up guys.!

Anonymous said...

were so proud of you..!!! i also graduated at this university..!!

Anonymous said...

proud to be UCCian!!

Anonymous said...

kailan ulit mag kakaroon ng civil service exam?

james abram said...

Wow! Congrats for passing the Civil Service Exam!

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