Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Cat Dissection Day

These are the not-so-good photos taken by me.I hope you guys can bear with it. By the way these were taken during our laboratory class in Human Anatomy & Physiology under Prof. Pascual. We dissected a cat outside since doing it inside the classroom or near the science laboratory made other classes a bit inconvenient. Unfortunately we don't have enough facilities specially made for lab use.

Inside the Science Laboratory.

The bottles of organs.

Let me guys tell you about my Human Anatomy & Physiology class with Prof. Pascual.
I'm not wondering why we have a lot of LET passers out there. The faculty members who mold these individuals are exceptional in
my opinion. Being an IRREGULAR student made me realize it. Seeing how these Education students are uprooted from their innocence to face the challenging world. I can see that they are the ones who work the hardest in the university. A lot of requirements are asked from them & they willfully comply. A lot of tests have to be gone through..exams that will evaluate whether they can still stay in the course or not. Well, we all go through it but I just think theirs is more severe. And the ones who make them go through it are their professors. One in particular is my current professor who I shall call Mr. Pascual. Although this subject can be a bit dragging & grueling sometimes but with Prof. Pascual's good humor it can become a bit more fun!

He can elaborate more on one topic..he seems prepared for the class & he can share a lot of practical & interesting science-related tips. Going to his class early in the morning can be a bit dragging sometimes but with the thought of how much I can possibly learn each class motivates me. So I'm trying my best to really be PRESENT --- physically, mentally & psychologically. [hehehe -- I hope you get what I mean]

The hallway in front of the Science laboratory



small & large intestines

My lab partner Jonathan with the specimens.


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