Friday, 11 June 2010

Terminologies You Might Need To Know

There are some acronyms or terminologies around UCC you need to know as a student.
1. UD - Unofficial Dropped
2. OD - Official Dropped
3. RF - Registration Form
4. RC - Registration Card (former term for RF)
5. ADDING, Changing & Droping of subjects - this is the term for the PROCEDURE where students have to ADD, CHANGE & DROP subjects officially by filling out some FORMS available at the registrar, have it signed by authorized persons & finally submit it to the registrar.
6. OR - Official Receipt
7. TOR - Transcript of Records
8. SSC - Supreme Student Council
9. The Crossroads - the Official Publication
10. Orgs - organizations
11. Org Fee - organization fee
12. Clinic - clinic/guidance office
(If you have more terminolies you think should be added here let us know please)
Hope this helps! =)


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