Sunday, 20 June 2010

(2010-2011)Schedule for ADDING, CHANGING, DROPPING of subjects.

Hello UCCians. How are you all doing??

especially to the working & self-supporting students out there.

anyway this post is just to inform you of the SCHEDULE OF ADDING, CHANGING, DROPPING of subjects.

Below is the SCHEDULE!

UCC adding,dropping of sibject & changing of schdules.

Yes. its JUNE 21-25 2010 for Camarin campus.

I don't know about other campuses.

This ADDING, CHANGING, DROPPING of subjects is to serve those irregular, working, self-supporting students who want a SCHEDULE that will suit perfectly to their work schedules.

So PEOPLE hurry up & fill up that form.
The Dropping/Adding of subject FORM is for 2 pesos while the Changing of SCHEDULE FORM is for 1 peso.

Don't let this opportunity pass by.

Be alert! If you don't want to be late of these kinds of announcements visit or inquire at the registrar as often as you can!

"Daig ng maagap ang masipag at matalino."


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