Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Intrams na Bukas!!

I am so excited for tomorrow is the start of the Intramurals.... the women's volleyball team of Liberal Arts/Arts & Sciences will have it's first game tomorrow at 1.. I'm not really sure if I'll be able to play then. I think I have to ask permission first from my boss..huhuhu... mahirap pa naman pag may nagkulang. According to an informant may bagong rules ngayon. All the 12 players in the team should be able to play unlike before. On the first set, the first 6 players who will play cannot play anymore on the second set. So if one player is missing it's automatically disqualified from the game. . Any player can play on the 3rd set on the other hand. I don't wanna let them down of course although I dont have that very big & important role to play in the team. You know I'm not that good. But I will make sure I will do my best.
by the way each team has it's disttinct color.
Liberal Arts - WHITE
Education - BLUE
Business Administration - YELLOW
Information Technology - BLACK
Faculty - RED
as for me I belong to Liberal Arts & surely ubusan na naman ng boses to!!
go!! go!! LIBERAL!
by the way..meron din palang cheering.... I wonder who'll take the first place this season. Last season the champion in cheering were the IT - Black Team. Other teams like BA - Yellow Team was disqualified..coz according to rumors a member of the dance troupe/pep squad joined the said team. And as we all know it is strictly prohibited.
Here's a video I saw on youtube:

They were the champion and I definitely agree to the judges' decision on this. It was really obvious that they were more amazing in all aspects. sabay-sabay talaga sila at graceful ang dancers/cheerers...may stage presence at talagang maccheecheer-up ka talaga... they were all smiling as well which drew the crowd and made it go wild!


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