Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Completion of INCOMPLETE subjects

di naman maxadong galit ang nagpost ng info ad na to! hahha napakalaki kasi nito posted in the first NR Room. rama nga naman...kaya sa mga may INC na tulad ko...go go go!!! askikasuhin ng maaga ng di mahuli at baka madropped ka pa!
For your information (no pun intended) if you got INC in a subject and you did not settle it within 2 semesters...then all your efforts for that subject will be invalid. you'll have to retake it and not complete your requirements. korek...!!! kailangan mong daanan lahat ULI!! take note! so as early as possible settle it to avoid hassle & problems later on. Advice from someone who experienced it personally.
so if you plan to settle you INC...follow the guidelines listed on the pic above.


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