Monday, 1 February 2010

February Bonanza

It's Feb 1already & everyone in school will be very busy. There are a lot of lined-up activities for this month. The midterm exams, the foundation day of the university, the intrams & the Psych on stAGe for Psychology majors.

If you live nearby school,(UCC Camarin) expect to hear 24/7 sound system starting the first week until end of Feb.

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The exclusive poster of 2010 Psych on Stage

(thanks Jade of Psych 3rd SPED major for the pic)

Ayon sa aking nasagap na tsismis ang Itrams ay gaganapin sa Feb 16-17. Followed by other per course programs & activities. (nga pala nakahabol pa ako sa paglaro ng volleyball s aintrams -- baka magabsent ako nun from work para makasali).

Para sa ibang activities sorry but I can't tell them yet. I'll try to do some research to confirm them first.


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