Friday, 18 December 2009

12.18.2009 - The National Christmas Party???

Taking my daily trip from the streets of Camarin Caloocan City to the busy & elegant roads of Ortigas, I've been seeing students from different levels carry gifts & foods & wear new clothes for their Christmas party. I've thought for a while & tried to remind myself if GMA again declared Dec 18 as the Christmas party day for all the schools. hahah but then di pala...nagkataon lang!

It's nice to see their eager faces full of anticipation though. Some have even worn gown-like dresses, some were punkistas, some were kikays some were just plain. Like I used to be!

As I was doing my "observation" in the fx taxi I felt sad for not having a camera. I could have taken a shot to post here. But I lost mine when I was held up on my way home last September. So I just borrowed one pic from the net to make this more interesting to read.

Photo Credits: BING QUEST BLOG


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