Thursday, 14 April 2011

Questions from teh CHATBOX 1

I'll be making a series of posts regarding your questions in the CHATBOX and also from the comments you leave! If you are unfamiliar with it, it's the small rectangular box located on the right side of this blog site.

So let's start.

From: Anonymous

1. Question: hi der! im a graduAte of a bachelors non-education degree holder and im planning to teach for elementary level education. i would like to ask if the UCC have CTP (Certificate in Teaching Program)? what is the process and possible requirements needed?? thanks

From: Rhonne Ayen

Hi! Question lang puh sana aq kung anong schedule meron units in education... Wala puh ba talagang inooffer sa Camarin Annex...Interasado lang puh...

YES! UCC offers that. But it's only offered in MAIN campus. I'm not so sure about the process/procedure. You may just go visit the registrar or you may call Main: 324-68-55 & Camarin: 962-97-99. Regarding the schedule I think it varies? no concrete answer din ako diyan.sorry.

2. From: dEck


good morning, ask ko lang, wala bang problema kahit ngaun lang ako mgppaclearance kahit lat year pa ko grumaduate?

Answer: I'm not so sure about this but I think it's OKAY. I've seen some alumni who graduated like 2 years ago and last SY 2010-2011 2nd sem palang sila nagpapaclearance. For more concrete info you may call the school's numbers: Main: 324-68-55 & Camarin: 962-97-99


Anonymous said...

Balak ko kc lumipat jan..ang course ko ay bsba marketing..ngccredit b kau ng mga subject na natapos ko?anu po kelangan?

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