Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Piece of advice

For the fresh graduates like me, looking for a job these days is one of the exciting things in this 'new chapter' of our lives. But it is also dreadful as it is exciting.

How can we just relax and not mind the intense competition in the job market? We cant just sit aside and be so calm knowing that there are also a lot of graduates likes us who may be way better in any way.

But worry no more! There are a lot of jobs available in the market. It's just waiting for you to step out of your comfort zone & be aggressive enough. Start looking and familiarizing with the world wide web. It can be your best friend in times like this. Sa dami ng job posts everyday, malulula ka. Di mo alam kung ano uunahin mo. That's what happened to me. But of course you should you should choose wisely. Di ka dapat sige ng sige. Coz rejection is common here. Pag sobrang daming rejection because of your too aggressive approach, you might end up overwhelmed by it. So choose a position which is realistic. It's not bad to be ideal pero dapat sa tamang panahon at pagkakataon.

Not that I'm bragging but so far, sa 2 days at 2 companies na naaplayan ko both were successful. And I will grab both opportunities too.

See? It's not impossible. Start working on that RESUME of yours. Match your qualities with their requirements.

Anyway, though I'm very satisfied & proud of what I have accomplished so far I am a little sad that the job I applied for is not really matched to my course. Coz right now, I have bills and debts to pay. I have to earn since my younger siblings are starting school again this June. In short I have a lot of responsibilities, so I chose the more lucrative one. Anyway, I love it too. I'm just practical. I go for the job which will pay me more. (it's not a call center job FYI)

So with my short experience I think I can give fresh grads like me a few tips:

1. Know what position, company you are applying for.

2. Be updated with the current trends in your field.

3. Keep up to date of what's happening around (be it locally or abroad).


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