Sunday, 3 April 2011

Interview Tips!

For seniors, it's now the time to bid their universities' goodbye & welcome the real world of the corporate world. Trust me, it brings mixed emotions. They are excited, sad, dreadful, & of course happy. Excited to finally work & have their own incomes, sad for leaving their friends & the school[structure] they have come to love, dreadful for the uncertain future[Why if I don't get a job after graduation?]and of course the overwhelming happiness for finally being able to emerge as survivors from the grueling tasks, homework, exams and also to be finally free from terror professors.

Anyway, that's not really my point. Why I'm writing this post is to orient the soon-to-be newly graduates about the interviews. I have viewed some from youtube so I'm sharing it to you guys.

What follows are the usual questions asked by the interviwer during the interview. So better be prepared.

Video Credits: JobStreetPH's Channel

1. What are your strengths & weaknesses?

2. Tell me something about yourself.

3. Why do you want to work for this company?

4. Why should we hire you?

So there. For more videos you can CLICK HERE.

I hope you guys enjoy it!


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