Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Crossroads Anomaly!??

A certain
RANDY L. MACAPAGAL is accusing the current Editor in Chief of the "The Crossroads", the official publication of the University of Caloocan City of corruption. He expressed this through a message on my facebook account. I've learned earlier that he also sent the same exact message to another UCCian on FACEBOOK.!!

He said:

"Mula po nang maging EIC siya ay napakalaki po ng ipinagbago ng buhay niya. Nakabili na po siya ng mamahaling laptop computer, nakabili narin siya ng maraming mamahaling mga damit, mamahaling relos, mamahaling cellphone, at may nakapagsabi sa akin na nakapagopen siya ng bank account na more than 100,000 pesos at ambilis ang paglaki ng amount. Kung kumain po siya ngayon ay sa mga mamahaling ga restaurant na at marami siya laging mga kasama. Nakakapagtaka lamang po kung bakit parang napakayaman na niya nagyon e gayong estudyante ninyo lamang siya.
kailan lamang po nakabili na rin siya ng mamahaling camera na worth 30T.
pakicheck lang po baka kasi nalulustay na ang inyong student fund."

CLICK the image below to see clearly!

but after a while the 'USER' of the account withdrew his statement saying:

May nagmail sa inyo tungkol sa EIC publisher nyo, ginamit account ko, naiwan kong open sa computer shop ang account ko, please disregard na lang ang message. "

The other UCCian I was referring to has this to say:

"received this message earlier this afternoon from Randy L. Macapagal which is not even an acquaintance. Anyway, IMO it's quite disturbing and disbelieving due to absence of any concrete evidence. Basically the said indirect allegation were mostly debatable not including the bank account that holds at least 100,000 pesos. IMO, a 100,000 pesos in a bank account if proven is quite hard to explain not unless the alleged can really produce such wealth considering his/her financial stability. Anyway, can we provide further more information about the alleged person?"


In my opinion this
Randy Macapagal sent it to me deliberately for few reasons.

Anyway, it is in your hands which to believe..but I CERTAINLY hope that the alleged person (EIC) can at least let US all know of his reaction to this.

It doesn't necessarily mean that he has to defend himself. right??

Although we are not sure of the truth or falsity of this, I think as a UCCian..I & WE deserve to know what's behind all this.

I don't believe in this unless I get a concrete proof.


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