Sunday, 29 August 2010

What Have You Done UCCian??

I've visited the Recom Building today, Sunday August 29.

...just a usual sight seeing in the school...

One room caught my attention though.

..this is located in the ground floor!

the dirt scattered everywhere.

A plastic of water


graffiti on the newly painted wall.

What's does this all imply?

We UCCians don't know how to take care of our FACILITIES.

It's not the Administration's fault. We just can't afford to pay a lot off MAINTENANCE staff...

Why don't we do it ourselves?Not that we have to clean.

We just have to be responsible in throwing our garbage & using the facilities.

Bago pa lang tong mga to pero mukha na agad luma! Tapos magrereklamo agad tayo pag pangit na!


ang sakit niyo sa ulo!

sana mahuli kung sin man may gawa niyan!


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