Monday, 26 April 2010


No college student of this generation is 'unaware' of the social networking sites FACEBOOK & TWITTER.

di ka estudyante kapag ganun.

wala na nga sa uso yung FRIENDSTER diba?

Of course this is normal. We (?.hehe), the young generation yearns for a group to belong, a group of people who will accept us, a group we can identify ourselves as a member.

We use it to get updates from our orgs, friends, long lost relatives, families & circle of friends..sometime we also use it to boast of what we a new cellphone, a new boyfriend or girlfriend, a new experience & etc. In short these networking sites do a lot of wonders that we enjoy generously.

But do you know my dear UCCians.. especially to the graduating students that these networking sites we enjoy every minute might also be a cause of an UNEMPLOYMENT??

YES! That's highly possible!

There have been cases recently shared by experts that most employers now resort to researching in these networking sites about their prospective employees. Calling your CHARACTER REFERENCES is one and another is this.

So if you are for instance projecting a very serious image on your job application..but your Friendster, Facebook or Twitter accounts BELIE it then the employer might have a doubt. Thus reducing your chance of getting that dream job!

Think of it my friend. Don't just prepare your suit & tie for the interview, your winsome resume, your impressive credentials...also gear up your social networking account.

What You Can Do About This Possible Problem??

this is according to : TRABAHO Phils.

So, the next time you post an online profile on one of these
sites, remember to:

1. Set your profile viewing settings so that only friends
can view it. Or you might want to reset which information you want others
including friends to view.

2. If ever you wish to make it public, you should be
careful of what you type and what pictures you upload.

3, Avoid inviting friends who you don’t know.

4. Invite only people you know.

5. When you post, think long term.

6. With these in mind, you’ll be able to control your
profile in social networking sites and make sure to build up your character
through them.

7. This is because you won’t be able to control who sees your
profile unless you make necessary steps. This is definitely a good tip when
you’re job hunting.

SO beware!
if you have any trouble resetting your view setting try to google it or maybe if I find the need to..I might save it for another post.


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