Friday, 16 April 2010

Random Concerns of Mai & other UCCians


inoffer pala ngayong summer ang INTRO TO GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING...sayang pwede ko sana itake..kaya lang TODAY ang last day of enrollment for summer wala si Mam Badeth sa Camarin para magsign.


Sa MAIN daw nagpaexam for screening ng NEW "THE CROSSROADS" staff. bakit wala sa CAMARIN? I'm just crious although I'm not that interested to take it again.


The 1st year BS Psychology students (incoming 2nd year) will be screened today. BATTERY exams will be conducted. This will be led by Prof. Rhod Dantay with the assistance of 3rd year IP students.


APRIL 8 - deadline for passing of the COMPLETION FORMS. muntik na kong di umabot. buti pinaiwan ko sa REGISTRAR at inasikaso ng napakabait na si MAAM FLOR> salamat ng madami sa kanya. The best ka talaga te FLOR.^^..muwaaah!!


ang sakit ng ulo ko dahil sa init ng araw. grabeh..what the hell's happening to our planet?

sakit ng ulo.


..alhough this is not UCCistas concern..share ko lang..

I've read that in UM or University of Mindanao...the graduating NURSING students...were required to take a MOCK board exam or any of that was a surprise test..out of 182 graduating students..only 7 passed. Those who FAILEd will not be ALLOWED to graduate.

Here's the message I read from KABATAAN PARTY LIST fb.

"UPDATE: Bad news for all the graduating student nurses of the University of Mindanao. Without consultation, the UM admin suddenly implemented a compulsory mock board exam and those who will fail will not be allowed to graduate. Here's the catch, only 7 out of 182 graduating students passed the exam."

what the ****???


..just a while ago..while I was in front of the REGISTRAR's office...I eavesdropped...unwittingly on the conversation of ATE FLOR..and a MOTHER with her daughter who's a UCCian.

there was obviously a problem with the girl's subjects & grades..I'm not sure if she's graduating this coming..april 29.

what's the catch?? -- well guys we are already in our TERTIARY education. We are in we still have to bring our those kinds of situation??..can't we just handle it ourselves?? my gosh grow up!

we make mistakes..we miss/fail exams ...we miss classes...that's forgivable. Coz we have weaknesses..BUT WE should also be RESPONSIBLE & ACOUNTABLE of the CONSEQUENCES that go with it. GROW UP! buti pa ang RUGRATS...may ALL GROWN up..series

nakakahiya yun diba?..taz magmamakaawa pa ang nanay mong nagsumikap para sayo..samantalang kasalanan mo yun. naawa talga ako para sa SHAME on that girl.

kung sakali mang mangyari sakin yung mga problema sa records at grades sa school....ako mismo ang haharap..kasi ako naman talga may kasalanan. para matuto din ako.


this is by from FB:

(taong puno ng 'angst' sa buhay)

"may nakapansin sa kin sa pagtatanggal ko ng mga announcement sa camarin, dun sa 2nd floor. bat ko daw tinatanggal. sabi ko naman, bakit di ko pa tatanggalin e ung date ng announcement na un eh tapos na. what's the sense of posting it for soooo many days after that event. sa mga iba, oo, nakakalito, pero sa mga di nakakapansin pati ung grammar e minsan sablay din. may tatak pa ng osa. kayo?"

---- Armanz...sometimes the purpose of an ad/tarpaulin/info ad/reminder is not to convey the message but to reveal that THERE is something done/being done/(that)will be done. It is an INDIRECT process of advertising about another subject matter.
Politics is everywhere.

If someone posted a trapaulin such as this..

Greeting a"HapPy Holidays" is not the 'real purpose..but making the 'person' known is.

I won't be surprised if one day..pati pagbati ng "HELLO" ay ipapaTARPAULIN din.


okay..I think that's iy for TODAY.. guyss..if you have something you think is worth posting here please let me know.


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