Sunday, 1 April 2012

TOR Processing

I got my Transcript Of Records few weeks ago and I wanna share how to get it so that others won't go through the same ordeal just to get it.

1. Go to your campus registrar and mention that you will process your TOR. (You may skip this)
2. Then you will be asked to go to the Accounting Office. Just tell them that it's for TOR fee and you will be given an ORDER of PAYMENT. Sorry but if my memory serves me right, it costs around 170.00.
3. Head to the City Hall and pay the amount written on the ORDER of PAYMENT.
4. Go back to the office of the REGISTRAR and there you'll be asked to photocopy a Clearance Form.
5.  Let the assigned signatories sign your clearance.
6. Go back to the Registrar's Office and submit your fully signed clearance. You will be given a piece of paper mentioning the date when you'll be able to claim your TOR. Usually it's 2 weeks later. Make sure to ask about the picture. If you still haven't claimed your graduation pictures, follow it up because it's the one that will be used for the TOR.
7. Call the RO on the dates given (usually 2 days prior to the date when you're supposed to claim) to follow up about your TOR.
8. Go to the RO and claim your TOR.


Anonymous said...

thank you for this info. Im an alumna of UCC, and i'm thinking of requesting another TOR for further studies.. keep us posted with the changes. thanks

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