Monday, 17 October 2011

UCCian Clinches 5th Place in October 2011 CPA Board Exams

In a university as humble as ours, we only wish & hope to pass our respective licensure & board exams. (Don't get me wrong. I'm not degrading our university or anything. I'm actually very proud of it.) But I think it's not the case with Arch Pinili Sanchez, one of the new breeds of CPAs UCC has produced.

Our TOP-NOTCH, Mr. ARCH PINILI SANCHEZ with his family! 

[photo credit: Prof. Ted Macaraeg ]

This UCC alumnus from main just clinched that highly-coveted 5th place of the October 2011 CPA Board Exams garnering an impressive score of 92.86%. Can you believe it? Wow! As in WOW! He just made history for UCC. I remember one schoolmate told me that there was a time in UCC's history when the course Accountancy was about to be 'phased out'. But look at it now...producing one of the country's finest professionals.

Here are the top 10 PASSERS!

See how he outranked alumni of other prestigious universities like UST & UP & FEU?

Other UCCian passers from the October 2011 CPA Board Exams:

(Thanks to Mr. Jop Tolentino & Prof. Almodiel for this info.)


1. Arch Sanchez (TOP 5 OVERALL)
2. Bhernie Bhe Escala
3. Rhyan Sagum
4. Shane Santos
5. Anne Balite
6. Jenifer Alido


1. Aljon Roque
2. Emil Sausa
3. Morrianne Banila
4. Roma Jefferson
5. Dan Arvin Signo
6. Dave Cesar Salazar Jr.
7. Amy Barawid
8. Je An Esta
9. Sheryl Sano

You can't just help yourself but be a big way!

So I congratulate not only the aforementioned person but also his family and the faculty of his department .


By the way, UCC got 62.07% over all passing score. Out of 29 alumni from UCC, 18 passed, 1 was tagged 'conditional' and the remaining 10 failed.

Source: PRC & Jop Tolentino 


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