Thursday, 17 September 2009

Manila is Survival of the Fittest - I Knew Before I Realized Now !

I'm just fresh from the shock & trauma I got just this morning at about 2 am.....Tears still pours from my face when I give the details to my officemates who are very eager to know what exactly happened...& this is one of the memories that will linger.

2:00 in the morning today...I was treading the main road of Bunag Street in Camarin Caloocan City towards the place I live....when I noticed this two teenage guys wearing hip hop clothes walking towards me. One was clad in plain orange shirt & the other in black & white stipes. The instant I saw them I murmured a brief prayer under my breath. I had the "feeling".

Then all I remember now is me lying on the streets sheepishly shouting "wag!! Wag!! Wag!!". Usually in movies they say "Wag Po" but I think they don't deserve my kind words even in life & death situation. No I think they are not about to rape me. They were just after my bag!!!

I threw my bag towards them while I was running so that they won't get their filthy hands on me. I stumbled so that's why I lie on the streets. I remember now.... but the guy clad in orange shirt still moved towards me & pointed a sharp object..I did'nt notice whether it was an ice pick or knife. Then I shout again...& agai....n. I could still remember the menacing face biting his lower lips. I wouldn't forget him!! After a while all I saw was his back running hastily towards a secluded dark road. At that moment I really felt sorry for myself. Not because I lost my belongings, wallet. id's not much money, digi cam, my school notes, my kikay pouch to name a few but because at that moment I felt HELPLESS...HOPELESS.... LIMITED.first time! Dogs barked but there I was, alone in the well-lit road just few meters away from the police station.

I ran to the station..heavy knocks followed but it was overpowered by the music & laughs of those people who were supposed to be watching the streets. I left because I couldn't breathe anymore.... I arrived home just few walks away & cried on my sister's shoulder. We went back to the station & knocked harder....All of a sudden we were already roaming the streets, roads...asking the passing jeepneys to stop & checking each faces. It was a very novel experience...& the feeling???? can't explain. It was futile. They were GONE!!!


In a way I'm happy. It serves as a wake up call.... this is the real world. This is survival of the fittest. I have to be not just fit but fittest!!


Jill said...

so sad!! T.T

Jill said...

how could I ever forget??

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