Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Nostalgic About the Future

One & a half more years and our batch will be taking the march of our lives in the grand & joyous graduation ball. Unfortunately I will not be one of them.

Because of too many back subjects I have to fill in I won't be able to take the march with them. I have to finish my course for 5 years. And the graduation day that I used to get so excited about is now one of the things I'm dreading...

It's hard to imagine seeing them wear those black togas embedded with green cloth from the bleachers & not from their side. I'm sure I will get teary eyed. Teary eyed with bliss & pride I feel for those little kids I used to despise in our first day in school... those then little kids who bothered me with their seemingly endless questions and academic requests.... those little kids who unconsciously brought back my long lost confidence...those little kids who always sought my advice & made me feel significant in this world...those little kids who annoyed me & gave me hearrtaches but made me strong...those little kids I consider my biological siblings.

I can't do anything about the inevitable things....all I can do right now is treasure every moment I spend with them. I have to acknowledge change although it hurts me tremendously.


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